Modern weddings are full of symbolic rituals and a number of key players are assigned particular assignments or titles for the wedding.

Basically, the principal players in every wedding are the bride and the groom.
They are the ones who assign people to other players or symbolic titles.

The groom’s best friend and best buddy is named the best man.
His counter part, the bride’s reliable maiden friend, is the maid of honor.

Modern weddingWhy maid of honor?
Because in the old wedding traditions, brides are expected to be virgins.
The old and conservative world had it that virginity equals honor.
Thus, maid of honors are people who help the bride retain the big V, which in the old times should be given as a primary gift to the husband.

Responsibilities given to the maid of honor

All little girls dream to brides someday.
Some want to be maid of honor first before finally hitting it big to be brides.

Being maid of honor can be a fashionable experience.
However, there are some responsibilities or expectations from her.
The following list will enumerate 17 of the most common duties the maid of honor should hold accountable to during weddings.

1. You should help the bride address and distribute all wedding invitations to guests. Sometimes, maid of honors are also required to attend wedding announcements.
2. In adherence to traditional wedding etiquettes, maid of honors must try to attend to all the prenuptial parties. Of course, she should not be there during stag parties, unless she has totally gone nuts.
3. If possible, it would be sweet if the maid of honor organize a couple’s shower for the soon-to-be bride and groom.
4. Wedding etiquettes have it that the bride should be assisted by the maid of honor when going away to buy the wedding dress.
5. As a sign of good breeding and professionalism, maid of honors are expected to come on time during fitting appointments and rehearsals and any other dates assigned by the bride.

6. Deal with florists for the supply of rose petals that would shower the bride and the groom as they leave the church or the altar. The maid of honor also makes sure that the flower girl is present and knows what she will do with the flowers.
7. On the wedding day, it is strictly written in all wedding etiquette guides that maid of honors arrive at the wedding venue, usually a church, on time or earlier so she can still assist the bride and the brides maids when they are dressing. Be at least 2 hours ahead of everyone.
8. She should brief the best man about his responsibilities.
9. The maid of honor, as wedding etiquettes have it, should take care of the bride’s train during the wedding and when she goes to the receiving line.
10. The maid of honor should be kind to hold the wedding bouquet when the ceremony gets to the part when the bride and groom exchange rings. Do not, however, forget to hand back the bouquet after that part.

11. During double ring ceremonies, which seldom happen, she should carry the groom’s ring and hand it to the officiating minister.
12. Maid of honor follow traditions and wedding etiquettes to coordinate with the official wedding photographer and assist him in identifying the entourage. Candid shots can be ethical as long as the shots are not hilarious to put the persons involved in compromising and awkward situations.
13. She should be the witness in the signing of the marriage certificate.
14. The maid of honor is expected to stand with the couple in the receiving line. As a sign that she knows anything about wedding etiquettes, she should traditionally stand to the groom’s left side and the bridesmaids should stand to her left.
15. Cooperate and coordinate with the best man, and help the bride and the groom depart, at least during certain symbolic rites in the ceremony.

16. The maid of honor should make sure and help out see that the bride’s demands or designs suggested for her dress is executed by the tailor.

Parting words

You, the bride’s maid of honor should remember that you have a great responsibility in making sure that the wedding would be wonderful for the bride.
Your own maid of honor would do the same when its time for you to be the bride.
Good luck!