at the weddingWedding ceremonies are simply not what they used to be. Set patterns and traditional format ceremonies are making way for unique, well thought out wedding ceremonies that are tailored to the individual needs of the bride and groom. However, whatever type of wedding ceremony you chose, there are still some important considerations when planning picture-perfect wedding ceremonies.

Wedding Ceremonies – The Timing

Time of year is fundamental. Not everyone wants a summer wedding, although most brides and grooms tend to favor summertime wedding ceremonies, which means that popular venues are likely to be booked up, well in advance. If you are prepared to take a less traditional approach, in terms of dates and times, you may find that you have a much wider choice of venues.

These days, many wedding ceremonies take place in non-traditional locations such as beaches or even underwater! Whilst it may be easier to find availability for a more unusual venue, these specialist ceremonies are likely to be more expensive.

Another great way of securing the venue that you really want, at a cheap price, is to be flexible. Many locations now offer evening or mid-week wedding ceremonies, at a reduced price. Getting married at a non-traditional time is also likely to mean that other costs such as transport, accommodation and photography are cheaper. Overall, you can make substantial savings.

Wedding Vows

No two wedding ceremonies are the same and one of the best ways to add an individual touch, without going overboard, is to create your own vows. These need not be religious, and can often be more meaningful and a truer expression of love than a traditional, formulaic vow. Always check with the person conducting the ceremony, as there are still basic requirements in terms of what must be said and carried out to make the wedding legal.

Flowers and Music

It is the little touches that make wedding ceremonies special to the individuals involved. Never underestimate the effect that a few well chosen songs or unusual flower arrangements can have on your guests.

Try not to have a rigid idea about the type of flowers that you want. Remember, flowers are very seasonal, so it is always best to ask your florist for professional advice. Also bear in mind that the flowers you chose should complement whatever theme you are following. So, for example, if you are going for simplicity, stick to simple flowers that are classic and understated.

Always check with venues for wedding ceremonies what sorts of floral arrangements they can accommodate. Some venues will have limited space and may need to re-use the area very quickly, so will be unable to cope with large amounts of flowers. If flowers are important to you, remember to check with the wedding ceremonies’ venues BEFORE you book or, failing that, request that you are the last wedding of the day.

Thinking about the small things early on will make the big things happen, on the day!