This is the next part in a 20-day long series. If you’ve missed any of it, you can find all of the tips in the category: Do it Yourself Wedding Plans.
These are all of the steps you need to schedule your time and budget for when you’re planning a DIY Wedding. The who’s, what’s, where’s as well as the when’s and how’s.


The Rehearsal

Rehearsal dinners are a necessary budget item, even for the DIY bride.
It helps everyone know what do do and how to play their roles.
It also helps ease the stress and anxiety brides and grooms may have about messing up on the biggest day of their lives.
(Seriously? Relax, everything will be perfect and, no matter what, you’ll still be married by the end of the day. That’s what really matters, right?)

Rehearsal is usually a day or two before the actual wedding ceremony.
Everyone you’ve asked to stand up in your wedding, even the flower girl and ring bearer, should be present for at least the rehearsal, if not the dinner itself.
Your pastor or whoever is presiding over the wedding will guide everyone to where they need to stand or sit.
Anyone with a song to sing or a psalm to read can practice in front of something other than their mirror.
It helps break the stage fright of the bride and groom, too.
It’s also a great night to enjoy everyone’s company and give the bridal party gifts to your bridesmaids and groomsmen.

After the rehearsal, dinner is usually expected, but it doesn’t have to be at a pricey restaurant.
If you’re paying for the whole wedding yourself, your bridal party will understand that a summer barbecue and bonfire is far more affordable, and in my opinion, more fun, than a quiet, dimly lit restaurant.

Invite all your buddies and girlfriends over for burgers and brats.
Include a full meal with salad, fruit kabobs, the works.
Present them all with their gifts and pull each one of them aside to tell them personally how much you appreciate everything they’ve done for you in the past months that lead up to this very moment.

diy wedding rehearsal dinner

While it’s tempting to go all out and stay up until the sun rises, your wedding day may be tomorrow and everyone will want their rest.
The event may start at four in the afternoon, but preparations begin hours before that.

If the climate or other reasons stop you from having a barbecue or backyard bonfire, suggest going to a local pizzeria, family restaurant, or even order delivery to your home.
Throw on a romantic movie and enjoy everything you love about your groom-to-be and your friends and family.

The main purpose of the dinner after the rehearsal is to show your bridal party your gratitude and love, so don’t sweat it if you’re all in jeans or shorts.
They loved you in sneakers yesterday, they love you in sneakers today.

Be sure to check back tomorrow for the next step of many that you’ll need to attend to for planning your Do it Yourself Wedding.