choosing wedding flowersOne of the biggest choices you’ll have to make for your wedding day is the flowers that you intend on implementing into it. There are flowers for just about everything! In the bouquets, at the church, then there’s flowers for the brides and grooms mothers, grandmothers, for the groom, some for the ushers, not to mention the centerpieces for the wedding reception.

A little forethought that you should take into consideration when choosing your wedding flowers that you intend to use in your wedding, is that there might be people who have allergies and may be affected by the scent of some of the flowers that you pick out.

When you are selecting the type of flowers for your wedding, think about yourself and your attendants. Are there any sensitive noses in the crowd? The last thing that you need on your wedding day is to have yourself or one of your attendants having a sneezing fit right in the middle of the ceremony!

Once you have chosen what type of flower you want to have for your wedding, the next thing is to decide on the appropriate colors. Generally, the colors for bridesmaids and groomsmen will correspond to the colors of the bridesmaids’ dresses for the wedding bouquets. But when it comes to the mothers and grandmothers flowers it might be a good idea to find out what color their dresses will be so that they can have flowers that will correspond.

For something fun & creative, and making sure that there isn’t a lot of flowers remaining from the reception, it’s a good idea to mark a specific chair at each table and then whoever sits in that chair will get to take home the wedding centerpiece from that table. This way the flowers can be enjoyed for longer than just the wedding day, you won’t have to worry about what to do with them afterward, plus it makes a nice gift for your wedding guests.