Flowers have been part of human nuptials from the earliest glimmerings of human civilization. They are symbols of life and hope and they are beautiful and smell nice. Depending on how they are assembled and arranged, a wedding bouquet can be a simple bunch of blooms or a large, elaborate spray of flowers, lace and other greenery. The kind of wedding bouquet that you choose says a lot about your personality. If you go with a simple bouquet of white flowers that go with your wedding dress, you’re sending the message that you’re a person with traditional values. Carrying a big, ornate bouquet can tell people that you expect the best from life and your new marriage.

wedding flower choicesSome brides opt for a wedding bouquet that’s a stunning combination of flowers from all stages of growth, combined with greenery like fern leaves and sprays of soft white baby’s breath, while others opt for a more modest arrangement of their favorite flowers arranged in a smaller bouquet that can be carried by a child flower girl. One classic touch that’s never really gone out of style is for the bride and groom to be preceded down the aisle by a flower girl strewing rose petals before the happy couple. I’ve seen that before and that’s really a lovely sight, sure to add to everyone’s memories of the event.

When it comes to creating your own bouquet, almost anything is possible. Modern florist techniques can create bouquets of any size and any style for you and the only real limiting factor is the size of your budget and shortness of your deadline for creating it. Florists can assemble bouquets from just about any flower available as long as it can be wired into a bunch and will last approximately 48 hours when stored in a cool place such as a refrigerator. Of course, if you’re a pragmatic bride and decide to go with artificial flowers, such as silk, a silk wedding bouquet can be made up far ahead of time and it will still look fabulous on the special day. One real advantage of using silk flowers is that they are tough and durable and will look great in all of the wedding photos. Still, for the traditionally minded bride and groom there is no substitute for the look, feel and heavenly aroma that you get from a bouquet crafted from fresh flowers. Personally, given a choice, I would always go with fresh flowers.