So your best friend is getting married and you have to buy him or her a wedding gift.
Because this couple is so special to you, you really want your gift to be special, too, but you don’t know exactly what to get them that will be special enough.

Adding to your complications are the happy couple’s strong beliefs in going green in all areas of their lives.
Obviously, just getting them a toaster oven isn’t going to cut it, unless it’s some kind of new, high-tech ultra-energy efficient appliance that will probably be hideously expensive because it’s a new product.
Well, don’t panic.
There really are a lot of eco friendly gifts that you can give that should make your friends happy and won’t cause your pocketbook to have a financial meltdown.

eco friendly giftsNow some of these gifts aren’t really fancy and they aren’t sexy, but they are practical, very eco friendly gifts that any green minded young couple would probably be overjoyed to get.
For instance, if they’re just setting up housekeeping and they want to make their new home as green as possible, why not give them a rain butt for collecting rainwater?
This will help them save water, it’s energy efficient, and it could help them have a nice vegetable or flower garden in their backyard, which can either be beautiful or delicious depending upon what they grow.
As I said, it’s not a terribly sexy gift, but it’s one of those gifts that will keep on giving for years to come.
And if this green minded couple likes gardening, why not get them an organic gardening kit, including all the hand tools, gardening gloves, seeds and instructions they’ll need to grow their own organic vegetables?

If they’re really trying to go green by growing their own food, and trying to eliminate more of their garbage that would normally go into the waste stream, then a composter is a great gift that will do double duty.
Not only will it take all of the organic waste out of their garbage, it will help recycle it to make compost that they can use to fertilize their own vegetables or ornamental plants.
Again, this is not a very fancy or sexy gift, but one that will surely be appreciated by the couple who receives it.

Remember, when you’re buying eco friendly wedding gifts, you’re buying them to satisfy your friends’ needs and desires, not to buy something that makes you feel good.