Here is a quick view of 24 of the latest wedding trends for 2024 that you’ll likely see at weddings you attend this year, and most likely well into 2025.

We’re going to expand on each of these individual trends over the course of the next 24 days, 1 each day, so you can get some ideas of the things that you can implement into your own weddings, to keep them fun, interesting, and entertaining for both you and all of your wedding guests.


  1. Candid Cameras: Wedding photographers are capturing candid moments alongside posed pictures, allowing you to relive your special day through multiple lenses. Guests can also participate by snapping photos with disposable or Polaroid cameras.
  2. The Year Of The Mini: From mini bouquets to mini afterparty dresses, 2024 celebrates all things pint-sized. Think personalized pie servings and mini cones of french fries attached to champagne flutes.
  3. Experiential Entertainment: Beyond the usual band or DJ, consider delighting guests with unique experiences, like interactive food stations, live art, or surprise performances.
  4. Statement Color Palettes: Bold and unexpected color combinations are making waves, from vibrant jewel tones to pastel gradients.
  5. Personalized Details: Couples are infusing their personalities into every aspect of the wedding, from custom monograms to bespoke cocktails.

  6. Bold Bridal Style: Non-traditional wedding attire is in — think jumpsuits, capes, and colorful gowns.
  7. Fun Guest Experiences: Interactive photo booths, lawn games, and unexpected entertainment keep guests engaged.
  8. Offbeat Entertainment: Surprise acts like magicians, acrobats, or fire dancers add an element of surprise.
  9. Sustainable Weddings: Eco-friendly choices, such as plant-based menus and reusable decor, are gaining popularity.
  10. Micro Weddings: Intimate gatherings with close family and friends are here to stay.

  11. Virtual Elements: Hybrid weddings that include remote guests via livestreams or holograms.
  12. Floral Installations: Grand floral arches, hanging arrangements, and flower walls create stunning backdrops.
  13. Mix-and-Match Bridesmaid Dresses: Let your bridal party choose styles that suit their individual tastes.
  14. Edible Flowers: Incorporate edible blooms into your cake, cocktails, or salads.
  15. Destination Elopements: Adventurous couples are eloping to scenic locations.

  16. Retro Vibes: Vintage-inspired decor, fashion, and music are making a comeback.
  17. Geometric Decor: Think hexagonal ceremony arches and triangular table centerpieces.
  18. Velvet Touches: Velvet linens, ribbons, and accessories add luxe texture.
  19. Interactive Invitations: Invites with puzzles, scratch-offs, or QR codes for RSVPs.
  20. Doughnut Walls: A playful alternative to traditional dessert displays.

  21. Live Sketch Artists: Capture moments in real-time with on-site artists.
  22. Cocktail Hour Entertainment: Jazz bands, caricature artists, or mixology demos.
  23. Custom Neon Signs: Personalized neon signs as decor or photo backdrops.
  24. Wellness-Focused Weddings: Yoga sessions, meditation corners, and healthy menus.

Remember, these trends are meant to inspire, so feel free to adapt them to your own style and preferences!

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