Every couple wishing to walk down the aisle dreams of having the most exciting and memorable wedding for themselves, their families and guests. One way they can make this dream come true is by having the best entertainment they can get through finding a wedding band. Music entertainment plays a big role in wedding parties and hiring a band should get your special attention. However, looking for a band can be hectic, or you might even end up with the fake music group. The guide below will help any engaged couple and their planners to get the best wedding band they deserve.

Start the Search Early

You should begin to search for the type of band you wish to have in your party at least six months before the actual wedding day. You can start by thinking about the bands in the weddings, parties or events that you have attended and contact the bands that made you feel impressed. You can also find the band through your relatives, friends, colleagues, photographers, event coordinators and wedding planners. Looking for your favorite band early enough will give you ample time to evaluate and ultimately find the best.

Consider Entertainment Agencies

To find the best musical background that suits your wedding setting, an entertainment agency can be of great help. The agency will guide you in finding the best taste of your music and budget and even arrange for an ‘audition’ either by attending a function or listening to an audio tape for you to pick your best choice. The entertainment agency will even offer some advice on finding talented musicians based on experience and contacts they have handled or come across.

Evaluating Quality

After listening to several bands, the next step is evaluating their prowess as a musical group. Besides asking for references, other ways to look for bands is by finding out the venues in which they have performed to gauge their level of professionalism. If they have a website, you can check their testimonials and check other people’s reaction, and if most of them are positive, that is a good sign. Another brilliant thing to look is whether they perform together on regular occasions. A band that performs together on most occasions will most likely have no room for mistakes.

Music Choices

When selecting a band, you should ask the list of the music they play. The bands you wish to pick from should provide a wide range of music including songs that are 30 to 40 years old to accommodate all your guests. The band leaders should be able to provide a list of the menu with the songs they will play. You should also consider a band that is willing to learn and play your favorite new songs.

The Size of the Band

You should always consider the size of the band especially when the venue has limited space. The budget is also a factor when picking the size of the band. The larger size of the band members also means they will need to occupy a bigger space during the performance. The ideal number for a band is between four to ten members. However, if your venue is spacious and you like the larger bands after evaluation, you can pick any size of the band.

Pay Attention to the Contract

Pay keen interest on the details of the contract that you draw up with the band. Even before hiring a band, make sure you ask questions about the details of their contract. The contract should cover everything from the names of the band members, list of songs, logistics of arrival and departure times. Other details include logistics on setup and instruments, insurance coverage, all the costs including the overhead expenses, payment schedule and break times.


You should ensure that the breaks your band will get are specified. In most cases the number of breaks either three to four during the wedding. You can also decide to have continuous play during which the only alternative for band members is to take alternate breaks as individuals. The band can also play recorded music to fill in the gaps in the breaks. You should also know the best time to feed your band because, like any other people, they must eat.

Consider your Timing

Knowing which times to get your favorite or a good band can be very helpful. Most couples celebrate their weddings during the summer, especially on the weekends. If you are planning to have a summer wedding, finding a band during this time can be very difficult. During summer, good bands are booked more times than any other period, and you can either choose to book early or decide to pay above the normal charges. In other months of October, November, January and February, there are fewer weddings and bands are easy to find even at reduced charges.

In conclusion, live music can make your wedding quite glamorous and memorable. Follow these tips to hire your favorite band and guarantee yourself that your wedding will linger on people’s minds for years to come.