Your wedding day is the day when all the details that you’ve always thought about will come together and planing that day may take more than a year to plan. Having the right disc jockey playing the perfect music and creating the atmosphere can get you surprised bringing family and friend closer than ever before.

wedding djIf you understood the importance of a good wedding disc jockey then now comes the though part, finding it. And that takes some looking into and the effort is worth it. Recommended would be not to go the easy way, relying on advertising and other third hand references. Instead, you could ask the banquet manager of some respected banquet facilities in your area for some disc jockey referrals. It’s important that you get the best disc jockey you can find, this is not the area to cut the budget. Book the disc jockey for your wedding at least one year in advance to make sure you have the best.

After making a list of possible disc jockeys you should interview each one and ask your questions before they start selling themselves. Here is a list of questions that you should ask.

– Ask about the years of experience as a disc jockey;
– Ask about the type of experience, wedding or clubs;
– Ask if there are back-up disc jockeys;
– Ask if the person you are interviewing is the disc jockey that will be at you wedding and if not, ask to meet the actual disc jockey;
– Disc jockeys range from quiet to “off the wall” so make sure you ask about their interaction with the public;
– Ask the disc jockey what he’ll wear at the wedding, “tuxedoes” should be the answer;
– Ask about the type of music and about how they plan to please everyone;
– Ask if they play guests requests and if they keep the requests in good taste and in the atmosphere of the event;

It is a lot of work but this is very important part of your wedding so make sure you and your fiancee are confident with the wedding disc jockey you’ll choose.