bridal shower celebrationPerhaps one of the most popular and best loved wedding traditions is the pre-wedding celebrations like the wedding shower and bachelor parties.
Usually these parties are supplied by the mother of the bride or the best man, etc.
Some couples find that they would rather host their own either out of necessity or desire.

Really, it does not matter who throws the party because in the end, it should still be affordable. There are ways to make this happen.

1. Throw a jack and Jill party which combines the bachelor and bachelor party together. If it is hosted at a home, your guests can bring their own alcoholic beverages.

2. Have your bridal shower at your own home providing home cooked food.

3. At your bridal shower purchase decorations that can also be used as parting gifts such as personalized candles etc.

4. Celebrate your wedding at a local pub or tavern.
This will give you the benefits of having all of your friends with you and none of the financial responsibility. Basically this night is no different than spending an evening with friends to celebrate a promotion, only the focus is on your wedding instead. Many couples will do this together instead of a bachelor/bachelorette party.

5. If you or a family member have memberships at a local legion, you can often convince them to let you use their halls for your bridal shower.