green wedding ideasIt is important that we try to protect our environment by means of showing welfare to nature and all its contents; how will you be able to do this?

Well, you can start with yourself, you can try to find some small things that would make you contribute something for the welfare of the environment.

One thing that you can do is to consider welfare for animals – be a vegetarian.

Vegetarian is known to be described as a diet which will just let a person eat or consume those which is not extracted from animals.

In ethics, it is a fact that inflicting pain with animals is not right and is unjust.
They have their own rights to live and be part of the world; thus, every creature has its right to be protected and live as long as it/she/he can.
It’s wrong for man to slaughter animals just to make them the most expensive bag or coat and to make those tasty meals.

This is just one of the reasons why there are vegetarians nowadays.
Have you ever attended a vegan wedding or vegetarian wedding? If not, then it would be good for you to know that by having this vegetarian wedding you can show that you care for your environment because this is also known as an eco-friendly wedding.

An eco-friendly wedding is a type of wedding wherein all of the things that will be used and all of the meals that will be served were free from animal harm.
This means that everything will be made of materials that were not extracted from animals; from the wedding gowns, shoes, bags, meals and even cakes were not made extracted from meat, fish and poultry.

The advantage of having an eco-friendly wedding from the term itself promotes a good idea that is against slaughtering or inflicting pain to animals just for man’s benefit.

There are two religions which are living proof of vegetarianism – Hinduism and Jainism.
Both of these religions imposed the idea of being a vegetarian among its people.
They want their people to be informed about the violence that eating meat, fish and poultry can give harm to animals. They are against animal harm because they also believe about the animals right to live.
These two religions were also after the fact that eating vegetables were good for the mind and body as well as the spiritual growth and development.
Eating meat for them would mean hindrance for spiritual and mental development and so they obliged their people to be vegans – with these religions, they promote an eco-friendly wedding.

With the idea that having an eco-friendly wedding would be valuable, since you’re about to share the idea of environmental friendly wedding, there will be a chance for you to share the great feeling of being a vegetarian with all of your guests.

You can let them taste the great recipe that you have for your veggie menu and maybe they will also be interested in becoming a vegetarian; an environment lover.