environmentally friendly weddingIt seems that more and more couples these days are choosing to have an earth friendly wedding, while many other well-intentioned couples would like to have an earth friendly wedding but just don’t know how to approach staging one.

I won’t try to kid you by saying that it’s easy to stage your own earth friendly wedding, but it’s probably a lot easier than you imagine.

One of the first ways to start planning your own earth friendly wedding is by eliminating waste and duplication, and wherever possible, eliminate disposable materials.

Now what do I mean by disposable materials?
I mean anything that’s made of thin plastic or paper and designed to be used one and then discarded into a landfill, things such as plastic knives, forks, and spoons, plastic serving spoons and ladles, plastic cups, plates, and serving platters.

Are you starting to get the general idea?

Some other things to avoid when planning your green wedding are disposable paper products such as napkins, paper towels, and tablecloths.

However, personally, I think it’s okay to use disposable paper products under certain circumstances, for example if you purchase only paper products that are manufactured from unbleached, recycled paper.

To me, this is the only acceptable use of paper products.
So, to make certain that you have the ultimate earth friendly wedding, you need to apply this same philosophy to every paper product you use.
Oh, and other way to make your wedding more earth friendly is by making sure that you use only garbage bags that are made from recycled plastic, and if you can find garbage bags that are made from recycled plastic and are also biodegradable, even better.
That way, even your trash can be made more earth friendly.

Another great way to make your wedding more earth friendly, and more socially conscious at the same time, is to be sure that all of the leftover food is packaged up and given to the homeless or to a food pantry in your area.
I know I’d enjoy a fancy wedding feast a lot more knowing that the leftovers wouldn’t go to waste and would later be providing a nice meal for someone who’d really appreciate it.

You see, being green doesn’t just mean cutting corners and doing without, it means thinking through all of the processes you go through to ensure that they’re as environmentally correct and socially responsible as possible.

Face it folks, big, expensive, wasteful weddings are out.
We are now in the era of the earth friendly wedding.