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These are all of the steps you need to schedule your time and budget for when you’re planning a DIY Wedding. The who’s, what’s, where’s as well as the when’s and how’s.


What’s for Dinner?

You have the ceremony, you have the reception, now what’s to eat?
Most locations offer catering at a fair price, but do you love their food choices?
Can you hire your aunt’s catering company on a budget or do it yourself instead?
These are all things to look into for menu options, no matter where your wedding reception is held.

If the reception hall has a great menu at a fair price, then you’re in luck!
If not, consider bringing in an outside caterer.
Find out what food options they offer.
Do they bring their own dishes?
How much is it per plate?
What is the minimum they will serve?

diy wedding menu

If you have family members who are great at cooking or a friend who owns their own catering company, ask them if they will make the meal if you pay for all the food yourself.
Remember, making it yourself is cheaper than buying it already cooked!
You can make meatballs months in advance and freeze them until the wedding day.
Purchase chicken in bulk for a great money-saver!

If you’re going casual for a backyard party or a reception at a park, check to see if they have any rules regarding barbeques.
Grill your own chicken, steak, or kabobs right there at the park!
Ask a couple friends if they will man the grills during the party so your dress or your groom’s tuxedo doesn’t get ruined.

Pricing for food is by the plate, so keep in mind how many people you invited.
If you have a bulk food store nearby, check with the manager and see if you can get an even bigger discount for two hundred chicken breasts or three hundred pounds of hamburger.
If you can, check with a local butcher shop or processing plant for an even bigger deal.
Farmer’s markets are a great place for vegetables and fruits in large quantities, too!

diy wedding foodEven if you make everything yourself and cut every coupon imaginable, the wedding dinner menu is where the bulk of your budget is going to go.
Some websites say at least one-third of your budget will go toward the menu.
Remember, the more people you invite, the more money you will spend on food.
It’s a catch twenty-two, but don’t skimp on inviting your friends and family!
Having them there to celebrate your big day is far more important!
Instead, find ways to cut the bill if you can, but don’t starve your family, either.
Eating together is just another great way to bond with your loved ones!

Be sure to check back tomorrow for the next step of many that you’ll need to attend to for planning your Do it Yourself Wedding.