joyous weddingYour wedding day is meant to be one of the special days in your life that is suppose to stay with you forever and ever. As I’m sure you’re aware, or if not, realize emotional brides and grooms are a normal part of the wedding day. Everyone’s feelings simply overflow with joy as the happy couple heads down the aisle in the church.

Brides and grooms often feel emotional and scared about the prospect of marriage. They also are nervous about standing their in the church saying the wedding vows knowing all of their family and friends are looking at them.

However, these feelings start way before the actual wedding ceremony.  Emotional brides and grooms can be found who get misty-eyed when something as simple as an advertisement comes on for tuxedo rentals or perhaps the bride notices an ad for a wedding store like David’s Bridal.

For a few of these emotional brides and grooms, as hard as they may try, the feelings that they have can actually ruin the wedding day since it can be just too overwhelming. Some brides or grooms may even suffer from minor panic attacks just at the thought of saying, ‘I do’ in a room filled with all their wedding guests.

Although you want to make this a day that everyone will remember, you have to keep the happiness flowing. Which means you have to be able to control your emotions that can drag you down at the worst possible moment.  Should anxiety or nervousness arise on your wedding day, some simple steps you can take are to take deep breaths, and just take a minute to collect all of your thoughts.  Try to settle yourself down.  This is something that a lot of emotional brides and grooms simply forget to do!

To control yourself can be a very difficult task on this emotional day, however, if you try to just make the time to compose yourself in these moments when your heart jumps a beat in fear, as opposed to passion, you can successfully turn your wedding into the special day that you always dreamed about.  While you may be scared, or perhaps anxious, just remember that when you finally say ‘I do’ that these unwanted emotions will all simply float away when the love flows deep in your heart.  Finally, do not even worry about it if your tears accompany those feelings, as your wedding guests expect to see emotional brides and grooms on their wedding day.

Take these treasured memories of your wedding day with you and cherish them forever, since this is a big day for celebrating the love you and your partner have for each other.