You are about to get married, tie the knot, jump the broom, make an honest man/woman out of someone else or any other of a number of ways to describe a wedding.

Its no wonder that getting married is said to be one of the most stressful events in a person’s life and almost everyone suffers from last minute nerves,wedding jitters or extremely cold feet! The important thing is to keep these wedding jitters under control and not let them ruin your big day.

getting marriedHaving a few nerves and jitters is perfectly normal and the adrenaline can actually help you cope with being the center of attention if you are a little on the shy side. One of the best ways to help calm wedding jitters is to sit quietly, just before the service and, if need be, remind yourself exactly why you want to get married!

Often the bride or groom will have a drink or two before the ceremony to help lessen their wedding jitters but don’t let this go too far. Too much liquor can make for a very forgettable day!

It is nice for the bride-to-be to share a glass of champagne with some of her closest female friends while she is getting herself dressed and having her hair and make-up done. This can often relax her and create a celebration atmosphere which will dispel any serious wedding jitters or cold feet.

I think that the main cause of wedding jitters is often the thoughts of something going wrong on the big day, rather than actually being worried about whether they are making the right decision.

Although promising to share your life with someone is a big step once you get to this point you should be pretty certain that this is the right person.

Preparation is always the key and if you are panicking about whether the rings are safe or if you will fluff your words then don’t let these wedding jitters get in the way of what is going to be a beautiful day.

If you think about the worst that can happen for example the rings get lost then think of a solution, borrow someones, then the worry should ease off. There is so much emotion involved that fluffing your words can be almost inevitable and no-one actually notices!

Whatever happens its your day and people will only remember the good bits.
If things do go wrong everyone will pull together to fix it and in years to come you will look back and laugh.

Relax and enjoy!