bridal shower flowersBridal showers have come a long way: no longer are you limited to the usual games and gifts! With a bit of creativity and a modern outlook, you can revamp the traditional bridal shower into a sophisticated event that people will remember fondly. Of course, you will need to spend a little money on a bridal shower, but, by planning ahead, you can save yourself money and ensure that guests have a really pleasant time honoring the bride to be.

Here are some ideas for a bridal shower that won’t break the bank:
1. Keep it modern: Brides these days are looking for a shower that Carrie from Sex and The City might be happy to attend: fashionable and glamorous. You can start the bridal shower up with cocktails you’ve mixed yourself, just to get people in the mood! You don’t have to buy the most expensive vodka out there to make an amazing Appletini or Cosmopolitan – just make sure the drinks are colorful and fun. You can go to dollar stores and buy giant, plastic martini glasses that are meant for outdoors: it’s a fun and inexpensive way to toast the bride to be!

2. Have a Dress Code: Women loved getting dressed up: if you tell them to wear cocktail dresses, and put a great drink in their hands, the mood of the event will lift automatically. People will enjoy socializing more if they can show off their cutest dresses and shoes!

3. Choose Your Appetizers Carefully: Food for a group can be the biggest expense: find ways to stretch your dollar. You can make bruschetta yourself in bulk, and buy loaves of French bread cheaply. Expensive treats like smoked salmon should be purchased in moderation, as they will drain your budget! Be creative: make a triple batch of chocolate-chip cookies, and do everything in miniature: tiny cookies will appeal to weight-conscious guests, and your supplies will go further!

4. Let The Games Begin: Be playful! Perhaps you could fill a vase with candy hearts and let your guests guess how many there are: the winner could take the candies home with them. Have a lot of somewhat silly games, and keep your guests comfortable. Little prizes and gifts from a bath and beauty store would be great to give out to the winners of other games: flavored lip balms, loofahs, and bubble bath.