special wedding favorsMy, how times have changed.  It use to be that the groom-to-be had a bachelor party with alcohol-a-plenty and the required minimally dressed females for entertainment. For the brides-to-be, they got wedding showers whereas all their closest friends would attend, and gave gifts to the bride. Now flash forward to today where it is commonplace for the brides and grooms of this world to hold a joint shower and pass out so-called ‘Jack-n-Jillwedding favors.

When you plan out your joint wedding shower, purchase a bunch of small gifts like boxes of chocolates or sugar almonds for the guests to be used as your Jack-n-Jill wedding favorsJack-n-Jill wedding favors are an excellent way to give a special keepsake for your wedding participants. This symbolizes the sharing and offers a special thanks for being part of your special day. Many guests view this as an extra special something they can cherish and remember from your wedding day.

Wedding favors make a terrific way of saying thank you to a guest for the wedding present that they will give you in return. In numerous countries around the world, there are different variations of favors that are handed out simply as a way of acknowledging the wedding gift received and as a way to thank the people who have given it.

Wedding couples who plan these Jack-n-Jill showers can get the wedding favors personalized so these special people can remember the wedding day and everything that happened on this memorable day. Readily available on the internet nowadays are wedding favors that you can get with custom personalization.  Just a few examples are cosmetic bags; honey jars; chocolate wrappers; mint tins; or even tea bags if you know people who drink tea.

Make sure when planning out your Jack-n-Jill party, that the wedding favors coincide with the theme of this event. For instance, it’d be odd if a guest received a personalized box of tea bags when the party theme is about sexy lingerie.

It is perfectly acceptable for these wedding favors to consist of one little gift, many gifts, or be as costly or not as you want, it all depends on your budget and tastes.  Some couples like the idea of passing out to their Jack-n-Jill party guests a wedding favors box. Inside this favors box could contain many little things like some chocolates, sugared almonds, a small personalized gift or a variety of other gifts that you believe these special people would appreciate receiving.  There are no standard gifts, and selecting these gifts are just part of the process that make your own wedding unique.

In the past, it use to be that the brides were unaware of shower arrangements and the bachelorette party. In today’s society however, brides and grooms will usually make arrangements for these events themselves. When the brides and grooms plan these Jack and Jill parties, they can make this event any way they want, selecting to invite only those people they want to attend, and passing out the wedding favors that they choose to give.