wedding flowersWedding flowers can be very expensive, and some brides don’t mind paying for them. However, when you’re on a budget, where you must watch all the pennies you spend, wedding flowers are the one of the things that can make or break your budget. Using wedding flowers that are in season can cut those expenses down somewhat.

I have been to some weddings where the bride and groom have used inexpensive fake wedding flowers instead of real flowers simply because they could not afford to purchase real flowers.  Silk flowers are an alternative to use, plus they are affordable if you shop around and can look very nice.

The wedding planner should find good deals and negotiate with the vendors.   It’s a good idea to get an aggressive wedding planner, one who is able to bargain strongly on your behalf, so you are able to get the wedding flowers that you so rightly desire and at a price you can afford.

Upon browsing your local flower shop, they should have a book where you can view the previous wedding flowers, bouquets and other arrangements that they have created in the past.  If they do not, you should simply walk out the door.  The prices most likely will not be displayed in the book however. It’s a good idea when you begin speaking to the florist about the wedding flowers you want, mention to them right away that you do not have a huge budget.  Do not give specific numbers or figures, just tell them it’s a limited budget.  Say you’d like to know what types of wedding flowers they would be able to substitute for the ones shown in the photos that resemble the more costly versions.

A pure cut bouquet, although this is a simple wedding flower design, can look elegant, yet be inexpensive.  When the florist has to create an arrangement by hand, this is when it gets more expensive to purchase.  If you are a crafty person, consider getting a book on creating floral designs, purchase the wedding flowers to be used, and then make the flower arrangements yourself.

The term ‘Wedding Flowers‘ can mean everything from a single bridal bouquet to all of the other floral arrangements you may need. Those include the groom & groomsmen boutonnières, the corsages for the mothers, the decorations for the wedding ceremony & reception, plus a tossing bouquet if you intend to keep yours.

When you have a budget, you sort of have to pick & choose, perhaps even eliminate some floral arrangements.  As an example, if your budget won’t allow you to purchase lavish centerpieces, it’s perfectly acceptable to use candles or some other type of appropriate display as your centerpieces. You can save the real flowers for the wedding bouquet & aisle decorations.   Another possibility is using the wedding ceremony flowers at your reception.  With the gap that normally occurs between the ceremony & wedding reception, someone could very easily rearrange the wedding flowers and place them onto the tables at the wedding reception.

As a final thought, be careful when choosing your wedding flowers. Sometimes it is more costly when opting for fake flowers than it is for the real ones.   Select the flowers with the wedding color scheme in mind and be flexible when it comes to selecting the exact type of flowers to be used. If you are willing to settle for a flower that looks nice as opposed to one that is extravagent but expensive, it is probably within your budget to have real flowers on your wedding day.