A wedding with wedding destination theme has been gaining popularity these days. Couples are choosing a wedding venue far from home. Invited guests are mostly close friends and families who would take the trouble to do a long drive or fly to the wedding venue just to attend the wedding celebration.

hotel etiquetteWedding venues for wedding destination are usually being held on a beach, a botanical garden, or scenic spots. These places are offered to public for a fee to use the place for wedding ceremony or wedding reception. But most of these wedding destination venues do not offer a place where the bride, groom, the wedding party and wedding guests may stay before the wedding day. This is the reason why nearby hotels are fully booked even a week before the wedding.

The bride, groom, the rest of the wedding party and the wedding guests are expected to behave and follow wedding etiquette on use of hotel rooms. Yes, wedding etiquette must be observed when using hotel rooms.

For one thing, if you are a bride or a groom and you violated wedding etiquette on proper use of hotel rooms, you will create bad impression on your family name even before the two of you gets married. Or if you are a member of the wedding party or you are a wedding guest and you violated a wedding etiquette on proper use of hotel rooms, you are giving the newly weds a bad name when you should have been helping them create a good name by themselves.

Below are some basic wedding etiquette on proper use of hotel rooms when you have or attending a wedding with wedding destination theme:

— Wedding etiquette on Proper use of Hotel Rooms Before the Wedding Day

1. The very basic wedding etiquette on proper use of hotel rooms is that the bride and the groom should not share the same suite. Yes, people know that you love each other very much (that is why you are getting married, right?), but please, please save your energy for your wedding day, would you? You can do whatever you want after the wedding day and you have all the time in the world to spend days and nights in each other’s arms.

Besides, there is this old tradition that the bride and the groom should not see each other the night before the wedding day or that the groom should not see the bride in her wedding dress because the wedding will be called of.

If you are sharing the same suite, of course the groom would see the bride not just in her wedding dress but as she wears it. So, for just once, follow the old saying even if it is just a superstition just to avoid seeing raised eyebrows from your family and wedding guests. You might even bring your parents or old relatives to a heart attack if you break this old tradition.

Another wedding etiquette in hotel is that brides should refrain from being a bridezilla to the roomboys, chambermaids, and other hotel personnel. Although it is true that the hotel have got fully booked because of your wedding, you should also remember that you don’t employ them, much more own them.

You should not ask them to run errands that are not related to their work anymore or shout at them when they can’t give you your demands as fast as you want them to be. Stop acting like as though you were the most precious person around because you are getting married in a few hours. Act like a blushing bride with right wedding etiquette and not the other way around.

— Wedding etiquette on Proper use of Hotel Rooms After the Wedding Day

2. Refrain from getting yourself some hotel souvenirs. If you are a bride, don’t mar your newly acquired surname by stealing items that you can easily buy from a department store.

If you are a guest, please restrain your hands from stealing ash trays, towels or comforters as a memento or souvenir. They are not wedding keepsakes from the bride and the groom. Do not worry, the newlyweds have something special for you.