Every time we go to sleep, we dream of a perfect love story, happily ever after endings, true romance and a lovely perfect partner. In fact, we are fond of reading romantic novels as well as crying with all the famous and gracious telenovela in prime time television hoping that someday somehow, we will be in the same situation as they are right now. We imagine ourselves having the perfect wedding that every one will admire of. Funny yet true, we live in a world of reality but still we intend to enter the world of fantasy and adventure.

An ideal man or ideal girl is really hard to find. Being in a perfect wedding is like too good to be true. Yet we are here, wishing that we can experience the greatest wedding of a life time. We planned for the venue, for the motif, the wedding flowers, the colors and the like. As a matter of fact, we even want to design our own wedding gowns, our own wedding cake in which we want it to be taller than the tallest building, and forget not the perfect bride and groom in a fancy honeymoon suit.

Everything is so ideal. We never thought that in one moment or another, we can feel the magic of getting married. And at last, being with the right person that we love and we yearn to spend our forever for is the best thing we can ever have. We heard of different stories about a heart warming love affair. The girl lived for her husband while the husband dies for his wife. They made wedding vows in which they will spend their lifetime no matter what happen and fight even though their love will mean two against the world. How sweet it is to find lovers of a kind. Lovers who intentionally live and love selfishly for the sake of their love ones.

According to the Bible, being in the bondage of marriage means that two bodies become one. The part of the husband becomes the part of his wife. The part of the wife becomes the part of her husband. Marriage is the most magical thing that two people will ever experience. A wedding will be the symbol and the start of a new beginning and a great ending.

However, sad to say that many people are afraid in indulging to marriage. They find marriage which connotes the meaning of responsibility rather than a wonderful thing to enjoy. But, in my own opinion, once you experience true love, there is no turning back. You can not even understand yourself in which you can do everything for the welfare of your love one even if reaching to the point of sacrificing your own life.

But as I have said earlier, we live in a world of reality in which not all ended up well. Some marriages end up in divorce. Some did not succeed enduring the agony of a broken family. Your destiny is upon your hand. The exciting thing will be on how to make the relationship work.

So in the end, I know that the winding way is long and tough yet good. But at the same time, we need to think that weddings are made for us to enjoy the marriage life that lies ahead of us. Still we need to face life in due respect to reality. For me, weddings mark a great impact to the memory of every one. Whether it is a wondrous experience or a tragic experience, we must learn to do our best to make weddings a great ceremony for the foundation of a family and for the strengthening of love we nourish to last forever.