Over the weekend, I went to the most unusual wedding I’ve ever been to in my life! They had a ton of unique wedding ideas incorporated into their special day. It wasn’t really much of a surprise though, since I’d already seen what she did with her bridal shower ideas. Different elements definitely can make a wedding stand out, and in this case, that was a good thing.

incredible wedding

The bride and the groom aren’t very rich people, so it wasn’t a big shock that they shopped for most of the items at a discount store, but this didn’t reflect at all like one of those cheap weddings that you’d have expected. Rather, it was quite nice, since the bride has just the right touch, and a certain knack for creating those little things that turn out splendidly.

To save money on the wedding photos, and as a great gift for the out-of-town relatives that couldn’t attend, she placed them all on one of those wedding websites for brides. She got many compliments for that, since her relatives don’t have a lot of money, either.

All in all, the numerous little things that were all combined into this wedding made it quite remarkable, however simple it may have been. Just goes to prove that you can make your own wedding day truly special if you just take the time and think about how you can implement the small touches that make all the difference in the world.