So, you’re planning your wedding and you’ve got all these great ideas to implement. Unfortunately, so does everyone else that you know, including your spouse to be. Ahh, what to do…

wedding familyWeddings get everyone excited, especially when it’s a first wedding for a couple. Your family and friends just want to “help you out”, and truly believe that they are doing you a favor. So much input, so many decisions to make, you need to really think about all the stuff that’s important to you & yours.

Your young nephew who’s into wild and crazy things wants to give you some of his extreme wedding ideas, to which you’re not totally crazy about, but you listen to him out of the kindness of your heart.

Then, of course, your sister, who’s into the big environment-friendly type stuff, begs to tell you about her green wedding ideas that she has. Granted, you want to use some of those ideas, since you think doing your part for mother earth is a good thing.

Enter into the picture ‘cool Uncle Ziggy’ who’s into pirates, superheros, skydiving, and the like, and suggests that you should do one of those fun theme weddings. Hmmm, not a bad idea you think to yourself. You’re just not sure that your partner would be willing to get dressed up in a costume for your wedding day.

Finally, your spouse has vegetarian wedding ideas and although you don’t mind vegetarian food once in awhile, you definitely don’t want it at your wedding.

A heartfelt, down to earth conversation with your spouse is a mandatory step in nailing down all these ideas that everyone has, with of course, consideration for all the things that both of you want, too.