When giving a gift to a newlywed couple one tries to picture in their mind what the perfect gift would be.
Many people will stay to the original tried and true panorama of the traditional wedding gifts, in many instances the wedding gifts given are even duplicates. While this does not usually pose a problem for the newlywed couple, it does
show a lack of imagination on the part of the giver.

photo quilt wedding giftOne very unique gift that you may consider giving as a wedding gift is the photo quilt.
If you have never seen a photo quilt, the name says it all.
I photo quilt is a quilt which has a photo made into the top of the quilt.
These imprinted photo quilts make wonderful wedding gifts when a photograph of the wedding couple is used to make the quilt. These photo quilts are highly durable and make a lasting impression on those who receive them.

Photo quilts are ideal wedding gifts because they are romantic and are also ideal gifts which can be handed down through the family and become a documentation of a blissful event. Many malls have stores which carry photo quilts. If your local mall does not have a shop which creates photo quilts, you can find them quite easily online.

Getting a photo quilt made for wedding gift is not very hard at all.
Really all that is needed is a good quality photograph which can be either a high-quality print or even a digital image. If it does not matter if the photograph you intend to use for the wedding gift photo quilt is digital or print, it just matters that the photo itself is a good quality of photograph.

Once you have chosen a good quality image of the wedding couple all that is left is to give it to the photo quilt company and choose the type of quilt that you would like the photo to be imprinted on. If you give them a print photo they will digitize the photograph and it will be imprinted directly onto the quilt you have chosen to give as the wedding gift.

Photo quilts can also be found online.
If you have decided to use a photo quilt as a wedding gift but cannot find a shop which creates photo quilts, all you have to do is perform an online search. You will be presented by several companies which specialize in making photo quilts as wedding gifts. Before you choose a particular company to make your wedding gift, be certain that you study all your options before committing to one particular company. You will want to make sure that you get a company which will
guarantee turnaround time on your wedding gift quilt. If a company cannot give you a certain date that your photo quilt will be ready and shipped to you, then you do not want
to use that company.