Aaarrrrhhh, so ye’ve set yer sights on a pirate wedding, have ye, matey?

Well, blow me down!
I like the cut of yer jib, so read on for some handy tips about staging yer own pirate nuptials, whether you’re planning a full-scale pirate assault or just plannin’ to add a few piratical touches to yer weddin’ and reception.

pirate wedding

To begin with, you need to plan just how much you’re going to incorporate your theme into your reception and ceremony.

If you want to go all-out, it’s possible to get married in full pirate regalia aboard a ship at sea with a wedding party of up to 68 guests.
A Florida company called Fantasea can package just a such pirate wedding for you, complete with a wedding officiant dressed like a pirate captain, a limo to whisk you to the harbor and then back to your hotel for your honeymoon, hors d’oeuvres, beer, champagne and sodas, a musician, a dove release, even a photographer and videographer.
Going with a company like Fantasea has its advantages since they regularly handle pirate weddings and can take care of so many of the basic arrangements.

On the other hand, staging your own pirate wedding would allow you to personalize it much more and those little touches that could mean so much to your friends, family and fiancée.

If you’re staging your own pirate wedding, you’ll of course want everything to reflect that distinctive theme, including the invitations.
You can start by getting some small plastic sand bottles at an art supply store and inserting the treasure map-styled invitations that you’ve crafted, tied up with an appropriately colored ribbon and corking the bottles.
Be sure you use plastic bottles, since they can be shipped through the post office with no problems.

Be sure to mention the pirate theme in the invitation and encourage guests to dress for the occasion, but be tolerant of friends and family members who don’t want to come in costume.

It may take some searching to find a minister or justice of the peace who’s willing to officiate at the ceremony dressed in pirate garb, but it’s possible.

For the reception, I think a tropical theme with lots of finger food is appropriate, and rum punch is de rigueur for the grownups.

You can serve roasted kebabs similar to what real pirates ate, chunks of pineapple and other tropical fruits, “treasure chests” filled with chocolate coins and other sweets.

It’s also fun to serve everyone drinks in pewter mugs or fake coconut shells to add to the pirate flavor.

For party favors you can give everyone their own pirate bandana and add toy spyglasses and eye patches for the littlest pirates.

It’s all in good fun, mateys!