Okay, you’re a big superhero fan and you’ve actually found someone who’s crazy enough to marry you and even shares your fetish for costumed superheroes.

Now you can plan the superhero wedding to end all superhero weddings.

superhero weddingNow, let’s proceed from the assumption that since you’re setting up a superhero wedding with all the trappings, then I’m willing to bet you either like dressing up in full superhero drag or you know somebody who does.

A big occasion like this is a chance for all the costume-lovers that you’re friends with to pull out all the stops and really put on a dazzling display of costumes, decorations, and music to create a true superhero pageant.

Now, after you’ve rounded up all of your costumed friends and enlisted their promise that they’ll be willing to participate, then you need to get organized.

First, decide on which superhero characters you and your intended want to dress up as.

For instance if he is fixated on Batman, then dressing the bride in the current Catwoman costume would seem like an excellent choice.
It’s a slinky skintight body suit that will certainly make frisking her on the wedding night an extremely pleasurable experience for the lucky guy portraying the Caped Crusader.

Or, if she’s into Wonder Woman, why not have him dress up as Superman?
The possibilities are literally as numerous as the number of color comics on the newsstands.

Personally, I think that a superhero wedding calls for a really striking setting.
I mean, come on, you don’t want to get married in your mom’s backyard for crying out loud.
Dressing like living demigods calls for a really spectacular setting, like the top of a skyscraper or in some building that’s built on a grand scale or is really futuristic looking.

And of course, feeding a wedding party full of heroes and heroines calls for heroic fare.

How about serving gourmet hero sandwiches stuffed with proscuitto and melon slices or cold salmon with a creamy dill sauce?

Dressing the bartenders, servers, and the band in superhero costumes will only make everything more fun and just add to the specialness of this event.

If you have it in your budget, how about arranging for a wire rig to be set up so that that the bride and groom can actually “fly” to their own wedding?

What could be more unusual and impressive than that, superhero fans?