For couples who are adventurous, outdoorsy, and real nature lovers, holding their wedding in a rainforest just might turn out to be the best option of all.

rainforest weddingImagine yourself getting married in one of Nature’s cathedrals with towering rainforest trees standing witness to your ceremony, lush greenery all around, including vivid tropical wildflowers, monkeys, birds and other wildlife in the trees.
I don’t know about you, but I think that would be one of the most romantic settings imaginable.

And if you think you have to go to some far-flung country on the other side of the world to get married in a rainforest, you’d be wrong.
You’ll have to travel across the ocean in a jet or an ocean liner to get there, but you can get married in a rainforest in the good old U.S. of A.
Where, you ask?
Why, in the beautiful state of Hawaii, naturally.

But there are rainforests elsewhere in the continental United States, too.
America’s Pacific Coast region contains some of the lushest, most beautiful rainforests on the planet.
So if you’re reluctant to leave the continental U.S. for your rainforest wedding, then you can get married outdoors in Northern California, Oregon, or Washington.

The island of Puerto Rico offers another option for a rain forest wedding on what is technically a U.S. possession.
In fact, Puerto Rico’s El Yunque rainforest is one of the most beautiful rainforest preserves anywhere, and has hosted any number of rainforest weddings.
The great thing about getting married in a Puerto Rican rainforest is that once the ceremony is over, you’re in a great location for a lovely honeymoon.
Puerto Rico boasts not just lush rainforests, but also some of the world’s greatest beaches, secluded islands for a romantic getaway, world-class resort hotels and dining, plus snorkeling, fishing, boating and all manner of aquatic amusements.

Of course, Hawaii offers many of the same amenities, plus helicopter tours over its volcanoes and the prospect of being married in a rainforest beneath a 100-foot waterfall.
One of the wonderful aspects of planning a Hawaiian rainforest wedding is just how easy it would be.
Many, many travel agencies offer travel packages that are both great deals, and ideally suited for a Hawaiian rainforest wedding and a beautiful, exotic honeymoon.

If you want to go even further for your rainforest wedding, consider the lovely country of Belize, which has both lush rainforests and amazing beaches.

And if you want to go really far away from home, you can have a rainforest wedding down under in Australia.
To tell the truth, you can have a rainforest wedding on every continent on the planet.
Where do you want to go?