glacier weddingIt’s a sad fact of life that the world’s glaciers are melting at an alarming rate.
So if you want to get married on a glacier in the U.S., Canada, or Europe, now is the time, because if you wait too long, this wedding option may not be available.

Of course, one of the problems with a glacier wedding is that most of them are in fairly remote locations.
They’re not easy to get to, and the travel involved might be fairly expensive, especially if you choose to get married on a glacier in Alaska, Switzerland, or somewhere like Greenland.

Have you priced airfares to Greenland lately?
Sending yourself and your wedding party to Greenland might run into a few bucks, you know.
Fortunately, there are glaciers in the continental United States that are considerably further south than Alaska.
Did you know that there are glaciers in California, situated in the Sierra Nevada range?

There are also glaciers in Colorado, Montana, Oregon and Washington.
So, if you live west of the Mississippi River, you have a lot of options available to you if you want to get married on top of a glacier.

And while getting married on top of a glacier presents considerable logistical challenges, it also presents you with some amazing opportunities for a striking and memorable wedding ceremony.
Just think of the incredible wedding photos you’ll have with you and your new spouse and your wedding party standing there with an incredible background, a miles-long sheet of ice extending to infinity behind you, overhead: a crisp, azure-blue sky.

For a wedding like this, you could give everyone in the wedding party matching sunglasses or ice goggles.
Normally, I’m against using disposable cameras, but in this case, I would think that giving everyone a disposable camera to record the event would be a must.

If you do choose to get married atop a glacier, then just think of the wedding album you could compile.
You’d have wedding photos that would be envy of your friends, and who knows?
It might inspire them to do the same.
As an added benefit to getting married on a glacier, perhaps you’ll create some additional awareness about global warming among your friends and family, even the most ardent climate-change deniers.

That could be the best and most lasting legacy your glacial wedding would create.
If nothing else, you’ll be getting married in one of the most strikingly beautiful natural settings our beautiful planet has to offer.