Since I’m discussing unusual wedding settings with you in my latest set of wedding blogs, let’s think really far outside of the box and consider now, just consider, having a skydiving wedding.

skydiving weddingIf you’re the daredevil type and really love skydiving, flying, and living life to its fullest, why shouldn’t you stage a skydiving wedding?
Even if it doesn’t inflame your sense of adventure, just think of the way-cool wedding videos you’d have to show people when you’re old and gray to remind them of what a fun couple you used to be!

You know, really, having a skydiving wedding isn’t that bizarre a concept any more.
It’s become common enough that you might not even make onto the local news unless it was a slow news night.
In fact, a skydiving company in Las Vegas called advertises skydiving weddings as just one of the many services it offers new couples.
Their website states, “We personally tailor your wedding package to suit your special needs.”
So you can either get married on the ground before going skydiving, or you can get married while falling through the air at 120 miles per hour by VegasExtreme’s “Skydiving Preacher”.

Just to give you an idea of what a skydiving wedding would cost you, VegasExtreme offers a complete package starting at $1299, which includes a DVD video of the wedding ceremony as well as the rest of your skydiving adventure, including your post-jump celebration and a champagne toast.
They guarantee that they’ll deliver a fully edited wedding video to your reception within 45 minutes of the time that you touch ground.
You can also add the services of a professional photographer to your wedding so you can capture the happy event in crystal clear digital images.

Of course, they also offer the usual amenities like getting married by an optional skydiving celebrity impersonator (Now you just know you want to get married by a skydiving Elvis impersonator!), throwing the entire wedding party out of the plane, with parachutes of course, limousine service, upgraded flower packages and anything else necessary to make your skydiving wedding the most memorable day of your life.

Isn’t it time to get out of your rut and pop the question to the love of your life?
Then you can test just how committed she is to marrying you after you tell her that you really have your heart set on a skydiving wedding!