For the true NASCAR racing fan, there’s really only one choice for a theme wedding, a NASCAR wedding, of course!

If you really want to go whole hog with a NASCAR wedding, then you may as well start with your invitations.
How about doing them with the shape and racing colors of your favorite driver’s car or perhaps in the shape of his jacket.

Of course, some compromises may be inevitable, such as starting the traditional walk down the aisle by waving a checkered flag.
You can also have a checkered runner for the bride and groom to walk down to add to the NASCAR flavor of the event.

If you can find a minister, judge or justice of the peace who’s a good sport, perhaps you could convince him to dress up like Dale Earnheardt, Richard Petty, or whoever is your favorite NASCAR driver.

The ultimate NASCAR wedding would probably be held on the infield of your favorite NASCAR track either before the main race or in between races if there are multiple events that day.
You’ll have a huge audience for your blessed event that will add to the unforgettable memories you’ll make that day.
Check with your local track about arranging a wedding.
You’ll probably find them receptive, but you may have to plan well in advance to be sure that you can get the date you want.
Be sure to come up with an alternate date in case your outdoor NASCAR wedding has to be called on account of inclement weather.

When it come to the reception, that’s when you can really get creative about adding NASCAR elements to the proceedings.
Why not get some life-sized cardboard stand-ups of your favorite drivers to greet the guests when they enter the hall where the reception is being held?
You can decorate the tables with a centerpiece sporting checkered flags and Matchbox versions of NASCAR racers, tow trucks and the like.

Of course your wedding cake should be in the shape of your favorite driver’s car with a racecar topper to the cake. The wedding favor boxes should come wrapped in black and white checkered ribbons.
You can even extend the NASCAR theme to the napkins you get for place settings.

As for food and drink, you can start with soft drinks and beer, which are traditional beverages at NASCAR events, and barbecue, hot dogs, burgers, corndogs, French fries, cotton candy and other foods that are popular at NASCAR races.
Of course, you can always serve something more elaborate or classier, but giving your guests fast food only adds to the flavor of the event.