Antarctica WeddingThey say it’s the last wild place on the planet.
You can literally call it the ends of the Earth, or you can call it by its proper geographic name: Antarctica.
It’s cold, it’s barren, nearly lifeless, but it’s also one of the most beautiful remote places on the planet.
What a location for a wedding!

Now before you think I’m completely off my rocker, when I talk of an Antarctic wedding, consider this: there are regular cruises aboard luxury liners to this remote and eerily beautiful place.
Ships with names like Corinthian II, Minerva, and Clelia II ply the icy waters around Antarctica with ease.

As the website for Antarctica Tours and Travel (one of many cruise lines offering Antarctic cruises by the way) states, “These expedition cruise ships offer luxury 5-star amenities and services. Whether you’re…plunging through the icy waters of Antarctica, you’ll enjoy the detailed touches onboard that make these luxury vessels. These vessels allow travelers the opportunity to take advantage of the adventurous land excursions and up-close wildlife viewing that is best experienced on a small expedition ship without sacrificing the creature comforts traditionally found on much larger cruise ships.”
Think about that, you can travel like where only brave scientists and intrepid adventurers like Scott, Byrd, Mawson, and Amundsen have gone, and you can do it in real style.

So why not book passage on an Antarctic luxury liner and cap your trip by getting married at the South Pole?
Can you imagine your friends’ faces when you tell them you got married at the absolute bottom of the planet, surrounded by nothing but thousands of miles of pristine ice, beneath a crystal-clear, azure sky?
The very image is breathtaking.

If you and your fiancé have the wherewithal and an adventurous spirit, this marvelous memory could be yours.
But, if you want it, you’ll have to work for it.
Nothing worthwhile in life is gained without serious effort.
Getting married at the bottom of the world will require planning.
Don’t just assume that the captain of your ship can marry you.
You’ll have to make arrangements ahead of time to make it happen.
But it is not only possible, it happens all the time.

All of the major Antarctic cruise lines can help you get married if you give them enough advance warning.
In fact, it will be their pleasure to make your wedding and the adventurous honeymoon that will follow as memorable as possible.