harry potter weddingStage a Harry Potter-themed wedding?
How bizarre! How absurd! How simply magical!
With the vast popularity of the Harry Potter books and films, it’s only a matter of time before someone stages a Harry Potter wedding, so why not beat the trends and be the first?
For an engaged couple with a whimsical bent and an enthusiasm for all things Potter, it could be the only way to get hitched.

If you are seriously considering a Potter-themed wedding, then I suggest that the first thing you arrange for is your venue.
Because of the vivid background that Hogwarts provides, I strongly feel that some kind of castle would be the perfect setting for a Harry Potter wedding.
If there’s no castle or castle-like structure in your area, then go online and scout out all of the mansions and grand homes in your area that are available for rental for staging weddings and other events.
You might also consider staging your special event in a museum, a gothic-style cathedral, or some other large and impressive public space.
After all, if you can’t get a castle, then you can still decorate it to get that Hogwarts feel, with big candelabras, long tables for the guests at the reception, and the tables decorated either with the Hogwarts crest or the crests of the various houses.
Now remember not to make your new mother-in-law feel bad by seating her at the Slytherin table.

Wedding costumes should be easy to arrange, since Harry Potter robes and capes are so popular.
Visit your favorite costume store or go online to find what you’ll need.
Of course, if you’re the creative type and love to sew, you can save a small fortune by sewing your own costumes, especially if you can make your own wedding gown, or custom Gryffindor robes for the groom and groomsmen.

Realistically, if you have your heart set on a Potter wedding, it probably won’t be a cheap affair to stage or plan.
You’re going to need a large budget for costuming alone, plus a fair amount for your venue and decorating it in the proper Harry Potter style.

And as for catering, if you want to be true to spirit of the books and films, then you’ll probably have to spend a small fortune to feed your guests as lavishly as the students and staff at Hogwarts dine in every movie.
However, if you do have a Harry Potter wedding, then you’re bound to make splendid memories for all concerned that will last for decades to come.

Why not live large? Have a Harry Potter wedding!