vegetarian wedding plansPerhaps the biggest difference between a vegan wedding and the conventional wedding is in the wedding reception food.
A vegan eats only vegetables and nothing of animal produce.
One may have limited options, but exercising creativity and resourcefulness will help to go a long, long way.

In the preparation of their vegan wedding reception food, it is essential to determine the limit of the vegan couple.
Vegans usually feel strongly against animal produce served in the meals while other vegans relax a little when it comes to their guests.
To be safe, use vegetables and meat substitute.

In serving vegetables, try not to bore the vegan wedding guests with the usual serving of vegetable tray.
You can design the food in a manner that will be visually appealing to the guests, at the same time, one that appeals to their sense of taste.
For example, concoct a vegetable soup with a lot of fresh vegetables in it, and then instead of serving it in a soup bowl, why not serve it in shot glasses?

Consult your resources (you can find plenty when you browse the internet) for recipes that allow only vegetables and meat alternatives as ingredients.
Also, you may want not to overdo the amount of food to be served.
Besides, vegan wedding guests don’t eat that much in a reception.
But you also have to make sure that you have enough food in the event that they enjoy the good taste of vegan food.

As far as the vegan wedding cake is concerned, this is where you will have to max out your creative side.
The wedding cake is the centerpiece of the reception.
The guests just have to enjoy it.
Since vegans shun away from dairies as well, you will have to look a good substitute for butter, eggs, and milk.
Why not try a carrot cake?

There are other things aside from food that one has to take into consideration of in the preparation of a vegan wedding.

Leather shoes are a no-no, so make sure that the shoes are made of synthetic leather instead for the vegan couple as well as the bridal entourage.
If the couple does not want to see the doves caged, then a garden wedding may be an option where birds fly naturally.

There is really not much difference between a vegan wedding and a conventional wedding.
The ceremony is pretty much the same.
You just have to shy away from any animal produce as this is the cause that the vegans are fighting for.
So why not work around the animals instead of working against them?

Try including the couple’s pet dogs in the entourage.
Delight in the chirping of the birds.
Marvel at the aesthetics that butterflies bring.

You can always have an unforgettable vegan wedding.
You just have to know where to find good substitutes and alternatives, and learn how to strike a balance between tradition and ethics.
Combine this with imagination, and you will surely have one memorable and enjoyable vegan wedding day!