vegan wedding ideasAccording to popular surveys done on the U.S. there are around 1.4% men and 1.3% women who take up on vegan diets.

Being a vegan does not stop anyone from having the wedding of their dreams.
So the term, vegan wedding comes in and joins the already large industry of weddings around the world.

Vegan was derived from the term vegetarianism, which is a practice, particularly in diets and lifestyles, which avoids the use and intake of any animal product like meat, poultry and fishes.
Vegans and vegetarians alike shun the various acts of cruelty to animals and also to the environment.
They avoid the use of animal derived products to promote healthier and morally responsible lifestyles.
Although vegetarianism and veganism are similar in some ways, vegetarians sometime consume dairy products and eggs, thus having more classifications.
Vegans on the other hand observe strict rules to avoid both the dairy products and eggs.

Having a vegan wedding does not mean that your wedding will not be as special as other weddings seem.
Today, the wedding industry is among the fastest growing industries in major countries around the world.
Among these industries are hundreds upon hundreds of wedding resources that could be found in your local cities or perhaps those easy and friendly websites over the Internet that can provide you with quality assistance and prominent services; from wedding invites, booking your guests’ flights, choosing your ideal flower set ups to hiring a wedding planner.

[not sure what the couples vegan wedding gifts should be? Suggestions are herein!]

Before starting everything else, discuss with your partner your ideal vegan wedding.
Of course a big factor of vegan weddings is the menu that will be served during the reception.
Both you and your partner must consider that there are several of your guests that do not share your vegan way of life.
With this in mind, you and your partner must hire a competent caterer that can serve tasty vegan meals for both vegans and non-vegans alike.

There are several caterers that offer organic alternatives for your menu and there are also some who offer strict vegan menus.
Contact your local caterer around your area and inquire about your preferences.
Caterers have wide selections of elegant entrees and sumptuous dessert that even non-vegans love.
Some couples may not want to contact other caterers and are happy with the competence of their local chef in the hotel or resort they have picked.
You and your partner may want to stick with your preferred chef but be sure to discuss the menu thoroughly with your chosen chef.

There are quite a number of themes that you can pick for your menus, Mediterranean menus that are very eccentric and full of flavors.
Menus themed by the Americas (Mexico, Central America, South America, Tex-Mex, Cajun) or even those exotic Indian menus that deliver sumptuous feast that would enthrall the discerning palates of your guests.

Being vegans does not mean observing this only unto your menu, but also all throughout your wedding.
There are about a hundred websites that cater to vegetarians and vegans.
These websites contain all the necessary information about how to go about with your vegan wedding.

Your wedding will be remembered not only as being a vegan wedding but also as a loving and compassionate event that you want your guest to share.
This is a lasting impression of your commitment to each other and what better way to express this is by having your very own romantic vegan wedding!