vegan shoesIf you’re committed to the vegan diet and lifestyle, it only stands to reason that your wardrobe should reflect this all year round.

So why should your wedding day be any different?
That means you have to find shoes, belts, and even handbags that are vegan.
You won’t need a handbag during your wedding ceremony of course, but you are going on a honeymoon and so you will need a handbag of some kind, and also some vegan luggage.

Pleather is great and looks beautiful, and so do some of the other bags and hard cases that are made out of synthetic materials. It’s really not all that hard to find non-leather suitcases and travel bags since leather ones are usually more expensive and are only carried by high-end luggage outlets.

But, when it comes to shoes, you protest, can I find attractive shoes that go with my wedding gown that aren’t made of leather?
The answer is, yes, you can.
In fact, several very famous vegan celebrities, including actress Natalie Portman, and Paul McCartney’s fashion designer daughter, Stella, have designed their own lines of high-fashion Vegan shoes.
But if you do want to buy either McCartney’s or Portman’s shows, be prepared for sticker shock.

Stella’s shoes are beautiful, but pricey.
Her line includes dressy pumps that are just perfect for a day wedding or evening wear.

Natalie Portman’s shoes are somewhat more moderately priced, but they’re not exactly cheap either, with prices that range from the mid-300’s to around $200 for her pumps, flats, and casual shoes.

However, if that’s beyond your budget, then don’t despair.
You can find some still stylish but far less expensive alternatives at: as well as a nice selection of bags, shoes, belts and other stylish, cruelty-free clothing accessories.

Fortunately, right now, enough designers and clothing manufacturers are interested in the vegan market that there are many excellent choices in the areas of shoes, handbags, and other accessories.

So, you see, it is possible to follow your conscience and still dress stylishly, even sexily, and with a little bit of research, you can do it without breaking your bank account.

There’s no reason why a vegan bride can’t be just as beautifully dressed and just as fashionable as anyone else.

Now banish all thoughts that you have to be a dowdy, unfashionable bride if you’re a vegan.

These days, it just isn’t so.