vegetarian wedding foodWedding is a very important occasion for any person especially those who are about to say yes on the upcoming civil union.
Through weddings we will be able to see the different culture, religion, or even social classes of the people who were about to be married.

From the wedding dress up to the wedding cake you’ll see what the difference of each wedding ceremony is; it can be a difference in religion, culture, values and traditions or just simply the way of life.

One visible example of a different type of wedding concept would be a Vegan Wedding.
The term vegan was derived from the word vegetarian that simply denotes a diet that eliminates or prohibits meats, fish and poultry.

Vegetarianism does not only mean that they exclude poultry, meat and fish on their dishes but this is also applied even in their clothes from head to toe and of course those things that they are using inside their home; everything should be eco-friendly and vegetarians are against animal slaughter.

Vegan wedding is one of the most exceptional types of wedding because it does not only promotes an environmental friendly concept of wedding but also it is way to show other people the importance of our environment and in addition, through this types of weddings the bride and groom will be able to share their way of life to other people (guests of the wedding) and those who will be invited will have the chance to experience a very eco-friendly type of wedding.

One of the advantages of having a Vegan wedding is that it will promotes good health to everyone that is invited and will have the chance to eat vegetarian foods.
We are all aware that vegetables are very nutritious and rich in vitamins and minerals that would give our body enough nutrients that we need everyday.
It would help a person to be protected from all kinds of diseases since vegetables provide enough strength to the body and thus, if it is done everyday or if vegetables were eaten each day of our lives, that could be the best way to boost our bodies natural immune system that would prevent us from being sick.
So it is good for the health and also, ethically speaking, it is against animal rights.
This means that being a vegetarian shows that a person is against anything that can harm or give pain to animals just for their own benefit.
They are totally against the slaughter of animals as well as eating up animal meat; they value animal welfare so much.

For this type of wedding you’ll see that everything was made of environment friendly products; from the wedding dress, shoes, groom’s suit, even the invitations, and of course from the dishes itself, you’ll see that everything is made from vegetables.
The menu would be stuffed of vegetable dishes, desert, beverages and another good thing too would be the wedding cake that is instead of made by eggs would be made of starch.