wedding champagneYou’ve already settled on a totally vegan wedding and that’s great.
However, have you given much thought to the type of alcoholic beverages you’ll be serving your guests?
Even though there are no truly vegan wines or varieties of champagne, but I think that serving organic wines and champagne is nicely in the spirit of things.

If you’re not already much of a wine buff, you may not know what it means for a wine to be organic.
Simply put, it means that the wine is fermented from grapes that are grown organically, that is, without the use of pesticides, artificial fertilizers or anything artificial, for that matter.
When you’re drinking organic wines it’s as though you are drinking wines from an earlier era before the invention of chemical fertilizers and pesticides.
Organic wine should be the pure product of the fermented grape and absolutely nothing else.
And to be perfectly frank, unless your champagne comes from the Champagne region of France, it actually isn’t champagne.
It’s called a sparkling wine.
That may seem pedantic to point this out, but the wine snobs attending your reception may cop an attitude about it, so it’s better to be informed.

Serving organic wines isn’t just better for your body; it’s also good for mother Earth.
And if you’re going to all the trouble of staging a totally vegan wedding, which by its very nature is supposed to be Earth-friendly, doesn’t it also make sense to drink wines and champagnes that are grown in a way that is good to the Earth?

As long as you’re serving organic wines, why not track down organic beer to serve alongside it to those of your guests who aren’t big wine drinkers.
Just as organic wines are made from organically grown grapes, organic beers are brewed from organically grown hops, barley and other grains.

It’s good to have both organic beer and wine on hand so that you can keep your guests happy, no matter what they prefer.
And don’t forget to have non-alcoholic alternatives like fruit juice, seltzer, non-alcoholic beer and wine, and plenty of bottled water.

If at all possible, try to avoid buying sugary, caffeinated sodas like Coke or Mountain Dew.
Sodas like that are just too unhealthy and don’t really fit in with the concept of a healthy vegan menu.
Except for that, try to provide your guests with whatever they desire.
After all, it’s the duty of a good host to attend to all of your guests’ needs.

You know, after you find those organic wines and beer, you don’t even need to tell your guests they’re organic unless they ask about it.
Most people won’t be able to tell the difference.