vegan wedding menuAsk every girl you know and they surely have a vision on what their weddings should be. Brides usually have some great things in mind on how to make their weddings an unforgettable one. However, before saying the big “I do,” there are numerous breakneck preparations and mountains of details to iron out. So, if you want to break free from cold feet and other anxieties before the wedding, meticulous planning is your ticket to a momentous and memorable wedding. Careful planning is the perfect solution in turning your day a perfect one and a path towards living a beautiful life with the one you love.

When it comes to wedding preparations, would-be brides usually commit some mistakes. And these mistakes could sometimes lead to anxieties and cold feet. Apart from this, some of the mistakes committed could cost huge amount of money. To prevent the little annoyances in the wedding preparations, it is important for the bride to have an organized and detailed to-do list.

Wedding preparation list can be unending. But as the bride and groom, it is important that the most important factors in preparing a wedding should be properly laid out. Wedding budget, venue, theme, decoration, and menu are just some of the things that the couple must give enough consideration.

Among the mentioned factors in wedding, it is the menu that entails careful and meticulous planning. Choosing the right kind of food can make or break the most important day of your life. When it comes to deciding on the right type of wedding menu, it is recommended that you decide on the menu that would match your wedding’s theme or your personal preference. This area is one of the most mind-boggling decisions that a bride and groom should decide on. There is an overwhelming selection of wedding menu so it is sometimes difficult to choose the wedding menu. To decide on what food should be served on your wedding day, you need to put into consideration several factors.

But if the bride and groom are vegetarians, surely picking the wedding menu is as easy as a-b-c. Vegan wedding is the answer to all the wedding menu hassles. The vegan wedding has taken the world by storm since many couples are opting for this kind of vegan wedding menu. Basically, the vegan wedding is the one that has no meat, fish, poultry or shellfish. In other words, the foods being served on tables are all vegetables.

In traditional weddings, guests always expect to see meat on their tables. So, if you are planning to have this kind of wedding, it is important to inform your guests beforehand so as not to offend some of them. Once this issue is solved, the next problem would be the caterer. It is important to pick the caterer that best offers an array of all delectable and interesting vegetable menus. There are common misconceptions that stir-fry is the only dish for vegetables. As the organizer of a vegan wedding, prove your guests wrong and find a vegetable menu (but not stir-fried) that guests of all ages can enjoy.