Sometimes in wedding, the most important factor isn’t what you wear or what the guests will be eating, but where your stage your wedding.
You can have a uniquely beautiful wedding no matter what your means by using your imagination and staging your wedding in an unusual setting.
Don’t be afraid to think way out of the box for your wedding.
It’s your big day, and you can make it as different and distinctive as you like as long as you plan for the comfort of your guests.

Now that you’ve decided on staging your wedding somewhere unusual, a good place to start planning is by gathering up absolutely as much information as you can round up about other unusual weddings.
Don’t be afraid to borrow others’ ideas; you’ll always be able to add distinctive touches to your final decision that will make the affair seem unmistakably your own creation.

Encourage your fiancé to do the same.
Then, when you’ve gotten together as much information as you think you’ll need, show each other your favorite ideas and start brainstorming.
Pick places that are beautiful, strange, futuristic, totally retro or strikingly luxurious.
The point is to pick a wedding site that is visually distinctive.
You want people to remember your wedding with fond satisfaction and admiration for your taste and sensitivity.

Of course, you also have to balance the overall look and theme you’ve chosen with practical considerations, foremost among them, the comfort of the guests.
I mean it’s all very well to have your wedding on a mountaintop; it will certainly provide a stunning backdrop to your nuptials.
But, have you thought about how elderly Aunt Betty is going to get to the wedding itself with her walker?
If you’ve got elderly or disabled guests, be sure to make all necessary provisions for their comfort and safety.
Sometimes its necessary to sacrifice aesthetics for creature comforts, but it’s absolutely the right thing to do.

On the other hand, if you want to have a small wedding, then it ‘s a lot easier to stage that wherever your want, such as underwater in the Bahamas, or having a wedding in a hot air balloon floating over the California wine country.

If your wedding will only include the bride and groom, the best man, the maid of honor and one or two others of the dearly beloved, I’d say feel free to do what you really want.
Many couples who have exotic first weddings later have a more conventional ceremony to which they can invite more friends and family.