If you’re one of those intellectually restless types who just doesn’t want to settle for anything ordinary in life, including your wedding, then have you considered having a Renaissance-themed wedding?

Renaissance WeddingEven if you think it’s a little geeky, it would provide you with an elegant, colorful, and unusual wedding that will be remembered for years to come by both the happy couple and all of the guests.
A costumed wedding might not seem as dignified as a regular wedding, but it will certainly be fun, and doing it with a Renaissance setting will provide a gorgeous backdrop for your happy day.

For one thing, the clothing of the Renaissance era was gorgeous.
Think how beautiful your bride will look encased in a brightly colored, or white, velvet gown, ornamented with lace and a finely-wrought gold or silver girdle.
The men of the Renaissance were also fashion plates with their colorful hose, wide collars, and capes.
Imagine getting married with a rapier at your side.
Think how dashing you’ll look!

Aside from the colorful costumes the wedding party and some of the guests would wear, you can add additional Renaissance flavor to your fete with a menu of Renaissance foods such as roast suckling pig, a haunch of venison, a beautifully displayed pheasant or swan served on a gold or silver platter, meat pies, cheese pies with herbs, rice with almond milk, fresh fruits such as grapes, figs, apples, plums and currants, wine, ale, beer and brandy.
But no tomatoes.
For centuries after the tomato plant was first cultivated, tomatoes were considered poison.
No self-respecting knight or lady to the Renaissance would consider eating one.

Of course, if you have a Renaissance wedding, you’ll want to eat like the nobility did, not like the peasants.
This is one area of your wedding where you should throw caution to the winds and really strive for authentic period foods.
You’ll enjoy a spectacular wedding dinner and add an extra layer of luxuriousness to your wedding so that people will be talking about your nuptials for years, nay, decades to come.

Finally, if you can, try staging your fabulous Renaissance wedding in a beautiful outdoor setting such as a garden, or on the grounds of a big estate.
Some wealthy families will allow you to rent their lavish gardens for your blessed event.

Of course, you’ll need a flowering bower to get married under, and that will just add to the fun.
Think of the cool wedding photos you’ll be enjoying over and over again in the years to come.