weddingWhile there are no absolute or “official” rules on who pays for what, I hope to shed some light for the most commonly used guidelines. Traditionally, the majority of the wedding is paid for by the brides’ family. But because of today’s society with increasing costs of weddings, these obligations will usually depend on the circumstance and/or situation. It is best to discuss this when both families can be present so they can decide on the best possible solution for each family’s needs. Below I have compiled a list of whom (traditionally speaking) pays for what.

The Bride
·    The wedding ring for the groom
·    A wedding gift for the groom
·    Gifts for all bridal attendants
·    Accommodations for out of town guests

The Groom
·    The bride’s engagement ring and wedding rings
·    A wedding gift for the bride to be
·    Gifts for the best man and ushers
·    Grooms wedding attire (tux rental, etc..)
·    Bride’s bouquet and going-away corsage
·    Mothers’ corsage
·    Boutonnieres for attendants and fathers
·    Marriage license
·    Clergyman’s fee
·    The honeymoon expenses
·    Bachelor’s dinner (if not already given by best man)

The Bride’s Family
·    Engagement party (optional)
·    Ceremony cost: location, rental, music, & all related expenses
·    Entire cost of reception: food, beverages, entertainment, rental items, decorations, wedding cake
·    Bride’s wedding attire and accessories
·    A wedding gift for the couple
·    Wedding invitations, announcements, and mailing costs
·    Bridesmaids’ bouquets
·    Transportation for bridal party from bride’s home to where the ceremony will be taken place at
·    Bridesmaids’ luncheon
·    Photography (groom’s parents might pay for the pictures they want)
·    Personal wedding attire
·    Floral decorations
·    Special items they may wish to purchase: toasting goblets, ring pillow, etc…

The Groom’s Family
·    Rehearsal dinner party
·    Personal wedding attire
·    Travel and accommodations for groom’s family
·    Wedding gifts for the bride and the groom
·    Special items that they may wish to purchase: toasting goblets, ring pillow, etc…
·    Any general expenses they may wish to purchase

The Attendants
·    Wedding attire for themselves
·    Any travel expenses
·    Wedding gifts for the bride and groom
·    Showers given by maid of honor or bridesmaids
·    Bachelor party given by the best man or ushers

The Bride and Groom
·    Gifts of appreciation for parents or others who have helped with your wedding
·    Expenses of items desired which have exceeded the original budget allocations