choosing wedding cakesWedding cakes have traditionally been crafted of the blazingly sweet variety. Nowadays however, you can pretty much get them made into any flavors that you crave, such as pineapple or papaya. I’m sure by selecting something different in this respect will make your wedding stand out & would be highly appreciated by your non-sugar loving wedding guests.

When you are planning such a wedding cake that doesn’t conform to traditional standards, start with how it tastes. This may give you quite the surprise when you realize that you will have an abundance of delightful & unusual flavors to choose from.

The theme< of your wedding should be a consideration when you make your selections for the wedding cake. For instance, suppose you are getting married on an island.  You should coincide the tastes & temptations of this island. Pineapple, mango or coconut are just a few examples that could be incorporated into this tasty wedding cake.

Should you & yours have a great sense of humor, you might consider a wedding cake made from Krispy Kreme donuts formed into a tower. Believe this or not, this actually was done before at a trade show for Jewish weddings when the donut maker created Kosher Krispy Kreme concoctions.

Your caterer should be more than happy to plan a wedding cake tasting party for you and a few select guests. Let them know what your taste preferences are. Should you not really know exactly what you would like, only thinking for now something that is different than the norm, at least let them know what your wedding theme is about, or perhaps the cake flavor you like.  They may be able to create just the right thing for you.

The groom’s cake should also receive a unique flavor. Instead of the standard chocolate or spice flavorings, you could get wild & creative if you choose. Break away from what’s expected. Continuing with the wedding theme or favorite flavor selections that you picked out for the wedding cake is perfectly ok if you don’t wish to be too wild.

When the wedding cake gets cut, this is normally the final moment in the celebration on your wedding day. Leave your guests with a fond memory of the festivity by making sure it tastes different & delectable.

Since this is YOUR wedding, and regardless if you opt for a traditional taste for the wedding cake or choose to incorporate the theme or location of the wedding, you should make sure it’s a flavor that both you and your new spouse enjoy.

Select wisely, because remember, you and yours will be tasting it again one year later when you celebrate your first wedding anniversary!