wedding dress featuresWhen your groom first pops that big question to you, almost all brides to be immediately have a vision in their minds of exactly how they will look when they walk down the wedding aisle.  For some women, since about 6 years old you just knew exactly what your perfect wedding dress would look like. For others, maybe you are now panicking just thinking about what the wedding dress should look like now that your big day is soon approaching!

Unless you are a Hollywood celebrity, your wedding gown will most likely be the costliest article of clothing you ever have to purchase. This is, of course, unless you decide to stick to a budget to cut costs on your wedding dress.

Considerations run high when opting for this decision.  There are so many competitors who want your business, not to mention the wedding dress industry is booming. You will have numerous wedding gowns to select from.  Everything from fairytale a Cinderella wedding dress to a colorful beaded wedding dress that differs from the traditional wedding dress styles.

When you are shopping for a wedding dress, think about what is the number one factor in deciding which one to go with.  There’s many options and the choice will be different for each bride.  Apart from how it looks, other important considerations are things like cost, quality, designer status, fit, and availability.  Another important factor is what season the wedding will take place. A custom made wedding dress is not an option if there’s not enough time before the big event.  There’s nothing wrong with buying a wedding dress off the rack, although you will have to search many bridal shops to find just the right one for you.

$800 is the average cost for a normal wedding dress.  However, you can locate used wedding dresses for much less. You may also spend thousands of dollars for the wedding dress of your dreams should you choose to do so.  Melania, Donald Trump’s wife, bought a $200,000 wedding gown as her dream dress!

When you implement a budget for the wedding dress, style and fit should be something you think about.  Is your wedding going to be a casual family only ceremony, or a formal affair?  That level of formality is a factor in deciding how ornate your wedding dress is.  However, it is your wedding day, so even if you choose to have stacks of hay & a Bar-B-Q in someone’s back yard for the wedding, if you really want to wear a decorative wedding dress with an elegant 12 foot train, then that is exactly what you should do!