home weddingAre you thinking about or making plans for a home wedding?  Whether the budget you have dictated this choice, or it’s just something that you always really wanted to do, the modern home wedding isn’t anything like it use to be in times past.

Home weddings have advanced over the years.  They are not just for a young couple with a shotgun directed at the groom anymore!  Nowadays, for a fraction of the cost, having a home wedding can be just as elegant & unique as any regular wedding that is held in a church.

The number one factor to have an outstanding home wedding is choosing an interesting wedding theme.  Being strapped for cash does not necessarily mean that you have to use your Aunt Bessie’s folding chairs simply because she thinks they would look excellent and are available at the right price.

If you need to save money and have decided on a home wedding, which also means the honeymoon needs to be put off for awhile too so you can save up to go somewhere romantic, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with a destination wedding at your own (or someone specials) home.  They are very easy to plan, can be made truly unique with the right planning, and with the money you save on a church and wedding hall you can use that to fund part of your honeymoon or other necessities you may need.

Many couples have picked out a honeymoon spot long before the wedding day, even though they might not be able to get there right now.  How about going there on your big day and take all of your wedding guests with you?  What, you say?  If you can’t afford to go anywhere yourself, how on earth can you afford the costs to bring everyone else?  Well, did you have plans to travel to an exotic destination like Mexico, Africa or perhaps Tahiti?  Try bringing these places to you instead of you going there.  Numerous companies online specialize in theme party products at discount prices.  So it’s relatively affordable in planning and turning your home wedding into a destination theme wedding very easily.

Once you have selected just the right theme for a home wedding, start browsing around both online and in your local community to see what you can find for the event.  Places like Party City have themed party favors.  For instance, if you were planning a Tahitian destination home wedding, they have Tiki favors for under $40.  For an extra $40, you could obtain inexpensive grass, paper lanterns, decorative party lights, paper plates and cups in an appropriate color, matching flatware and flowers made out of paper.  Wow! For less than $100 you have just brought all of your wedding guests with you to Tahiti! And this is all at your home wedding!  For extra flair and low cost, it might be fun to create an airline ticket / boarding pass / reservation slip for each “passenger” that attends.  Send it to them with your wedding invitation and have them present it upon arrival when they get to “Tahiti.”

Other ideas to enhance the destination feeling of a home wedding include the type of music and food included.  Since you started making plans for your wedding day, the budget you have probably didn’t increase any, so it’s imperative to think of music & food ideas that won’t break the bank.  Talk to the deli manager at the local grocery store.  Usually available are trays of sandwich fixins, appetizers or salad arrays that use the flavors of your destination, and most of the time the cost is $20 or less per tray.  The deli manager might have some more fun ideas too, like mini tacos for a Mexican themed party, or coconut shells to be used as bowls for a Tahitian theme. These are little things that are very easy to use at your home wedding and take up minimal space.

When selecting the music, check out online stores. These are excellent methods to fill your computer with the tones of the ocean, or the native music from the place that you are basing your home wedding destination spot on.  It’s very easy to then burn this music on a CD and play it for the guests that are attending at this destination home wedding.

If you prefer not to use recorded music, try calling a local school to see if their band would be willing to play for perhaps an hour or so during the wedding ceremony and then for some of the reception at your home wedding.  After that you could switch to DJ who will spin some tunes.

Home weddings do not have the stigma that they had in the past.  They can be very fun if planned properly. A lot of celebrities nowadays are having home weddings.  So go ahead and let your hair hang down.  Enjoy traveling to this imaginary destination spot with all the wedding guests in attendance on your wedding day. Finally, be sure to smile to yourself when you remember that Aunt Bessie’s folding chairs are nowhere in sight.