News Flash! Bridal wars have broken out between the brides on the vs.

Are you wondering who will reign supreme when it comes to which of these wedding websites has the nicer, more elegant brides? This might sound very trivial in the grand scheme of things, however, in the world of weddings, the bride wearing the wedding dress means just as much as the wedding dress itself.

When you are going on the internet to find people in the same situation that you are in, you have to consider the two huge wedding websites, namely and Many brides have stated that the Knot brides aren’t very welcoming to those who are new to the nuptial arena.

If you check out the Wedding Channel, then look at The Knot, you will notice that the contents are almost the same. Even though the Wedding Channel does have a bit more content. When you search deeper on into this site, you will see that the Wedding Channel brides have far fewer flame wars, a much more diverse audience, and an enthusiasm that simply overflows from the various threads.

Now, when it comes down to it, in the vs. battle, The Knot is number one when it comes to finding exactly what you need. They simply have way more products for sale and a lot of tools that you are able to use in planning your own wedding.

If being involved within the wedding community appeals to you, then there is absolutely no comparison when it comes to your choice between the or The Wedding Channel wins hands down. However, if you happen to be a bride searching for product information instead of friendship, then you will be much more rewarded for your time spent looking at what The Knot has to offer you.

Bridal supremacy is not an idea that has just one winner. Regardless of whether it is between any given wedding website or against the brides themselves. Each of these websites has its own unique perspective and points of view. A battle between the two powerhouses and does not serve at all to better the wedding societies online, and thats because each bride can simply take what they need or want from each website and adjust it to their own wedding planning strategy.

If you happen to be a bride and are considering whether or not to engage in discussions with the other brides at either the or, just make sure that you keep your cool when responding and do not get riled up in the immature antics of a few spoiled apples that hang out at these websites. Planning your own wedding is stressful enough work, and you do not need meaningless disagreements on top of that to ruin this very special time in your life.