wedding dramaA wedding is usually an emotional event for all that are involved. The bride, the groom, both of your families, and the entire wedding party will all have feelings and opinions on all aspects of the wedding from the guest list down to the reception. And all of these items are just waiting to create an ample opportunity for some type of wedding drama to unfold.

Even you yourself may have some inner battles regarding some of these choices. So here is some wise advice for surviving the impending storm:

Take a Time Out

Do some fun things with your soon to be husband that isn’t directly related to the wedding drama that is happening around you. Stay connected to your partner in these trying times, this is important. This is the first of many big projects that you will be tackling as a team.

The same applies to your friends, they too probably have other things happening in their lives that they want to share with you that are not connected to the wedding. You shouldn’t let the wedding drama consume your entire life.

Stay in the Pink

You shouldn’t let physical fitness, keeping a proper diet, scheduling doctor’s appointments, or anything else fall by the wayside. You do want to look and feel your best on your wedding day. You don’t want to be stressed out and worn out from all of the preparations and the inevitable wedding drama that will occur. Even if you happen to be on a tight schedule, missing a small wedding detail is a minor expense compared to getting burnt out over the wedding planning process as a whole.

Leave your Message at the Beep

It is very easy to feel overwhelmed by all the phone calls from your family, friends and wedding vendors. Get an answering machine! Or voicemail can help you slow the pace of all this wedding drama happening around you. Simply screening all these calls will help you get the quick version of what needs to be done.  You will give better and more thought out replies if you are able to concentrate on the conversation. The best decisions are not made when you are driving 55 mph and trying to balance a cup of coffee while speaking on the phone.

Lend Me An Ear

Listen to what your loved ones have to say. They just may tell you some suggestions that you never considered. Tell them that you are appreciative in letting you know how they feel, and you will see if whatever they are mentioning is a possible option. You shouldn’t give an immediate yes or no answer. By saying yes now and then having to tell them no later, or flat out telling them no right now to their thoughts will simply be cause for more wedding drama.

Aye, Aye, Captain

Whether or not you choose to incorporate other peoples ideas, remember that the decision is ultimately your own. Go with what feels right to you, there are no wrong answers when it comes to your wedding. Remembering that you are the captain of your own ship will prevent you from feeling pulled in numerous directions when the wedding drama is trying to take hold.

When you have made the final decisions, patch things up if you think you have let someone down. You should tell them exactly why you have decided against their ideas and you hope they will understand why you opted not to do this. Asserting yourself in a kind way, but firmly as well, should put any issues to rest and end the wedding drama once and for all.

Four Alarm Fire

Not all glitches are emergencies, so don’t sound the alarm bells whenever a problem occurs. There will always be a few snafus, just don’t let them ruin the entire thing.  Minor wedding drama is always a part of the bride’s big day, and it is how you handle these problems that matter the most.  Just handle whatever needs to be accomplished and focus your energy on all of the joy in this special day. Should something major occur, well, consider it as a story you can tell your grandchildren. Besides, there is a popular superstition that says that the more wedding drama that happens, the happier your marriage will end up being!

Throughout all this turmoil, just remember to breathe deeply, don’t sweat the small things, and roll with the punches. Regardless of what occurs, you will end up coming away from your big day with some treasured memories that will last you a lifetime.  Plus you probably won’t even remember all of the wedding drama that came about.