My parents gave me this advice about marriage.
They have been married since the 1960s and are still happily married to each other.

long lasting wedding tipsIn marriage, when an argument is about to blow up, remember that takes 2 hands to clap.
When one party is angry, the other should be understanding and not argue back.
The calmer party should try to listen the cry, the hurt behind the upset.

Marriage is a life long journey together.
Not simply a boat you get on together and get off when it does not work out.

Look at the old couples who are still together after so many decades.
Their love has matured from a passionate lust to a deep, lasting love.
How did they do it?

Every relationship has its ups and downs.
You have to work at your marriage.

As you go through life together, you are bound to irritate one another.
Nothing is so smooth as the movies might want you to believe.
Little things that never bothered you initially might start getting on your nerves.
That is normal.
Your spouse is not perfect.
Neither are you.

Marriage is about love.
Love is about acceptance.
A love that is deeper than a rush of passionate lust.
Of adapting to one another.

All humans are tempted.
Temptation is everywhere.
Succumbing to temptation and having an affair could mean the end of a marriage, or at very least endangering it greatly.
Always remember your spouse.
Consciously stay faithful to protect your marriage.