wedding reception plansThere’s a variety of different wedding reception ideas, and each country or culture has its own unique style of what this means. In the US, as well as in the United Kingdom, following the wedding ceremony they usually partake in a sit down dinner. Once the meal is finished, it is then time for music, dancing & a lot of drinking where people tend to consume to much.

In Bulgaria it is a very similar, however, there’s much more tradition involved. The after wedding festivities require that alcohol is replaced with the traditional dancing performances. If you research a bit into traditional weddings from around the globe, you might find some wedding reception ideas that you are interested in doing at your own wedding. For instance, in Greece, they perform a traditional dance where they break a lot of dishes.

Perhaps get a band or some dancers to entertain the people at your wedding. That will surely give them something to talk about! I heard a story about a certain wedding where people danced with the wedding cake and then one of the bridesmaids or groomsmen had to dance around the person who held the cake and try to take the cake away from them! Yes, some wedding reception festivities are certainly odd, but their unusualness makes them unique in their own special way.

Creating a theme for your wedding reception can make it interesting. How about if you gave each person at your wedding reception a role to play, making it an interactive part in the wedding. Perhaps you choose to have the first dance truly memorable by having balloons falling from the ceiling at the end of the dance while you kiss your new spouse. Other wedding reception ideas happen towards the end of the party, leaving a big bang and remarkable impression that cap off the entire evening.

The usual wedding reception activity is to take the time after dinner and go around to each table and thank everyone individually for attending the wedding. Visiting the wedding guests at their table is a practiced tradition in many cultures, and is sometimes where the wedding gifts are received, especially if the gift is of the monetary type.

There are numerous wedding reception ideas you can use to make your wedding reception one that everyone will remember. And it doesn’t necessarily have to follow the normal process of a dinner then a dance. You can implement a variety of creative ideas to keep your guests amused until it is time to finally say goodnight to everybody.