gay honeymoon spotWell, now that Proposition 8 has sullied Cali’s reputation as a gay-friendly wedding and honeymoon destination, where in the world can you still go for a gay honeymoon, once you and your partner have found somewhere to tie the knot?

Even though Cape Town South Africa was once saddled with the reputation as one of the world’s most bigoted, intolerant places, it is now one of the best places in the world for gay couples to go for honeymoons, so much so that it’s now known as Africa’s capital.

Gay marriage was legalized in South Africa in 2006 so you needn’t worry about being hassled by the locals, other than the usual tourist worries of having your bag grabbed on the street by a snatch and grab team on a motorcycle, or getting stuck up at knife or gunpoint in an alley.
But those are the kinds of things that any couple, straight or gay, might have to worry about while honeymooning in a foreign country, and while law and order is somewhat lacking in Cape Town, you should just take the same precautions that you would in any other large city: don’t go out alone, take taxis, and pay attention to your surroundings.

If you and your partner are nautical types, then Cape Town is an especially great destination for your gay honeymoon, especially if you like to go boating, fishing, or just want to hit the acres of world-class beaches you’ll find here.

If you’re in South Africa for a week or two, then you just might want to take in a little history by visiting Robben Island, the offshore prison where Nelson Mandela was imprisoned for many years.
Of course, if that’s a little heavy for you, then you can skip the living history lesson and just enjoy the nightlife and dining that have made Cape Town one of the world’s great vacation destination.

One of the places that makes Cape Town such a great destination for gay honeymooners is the local gay tourist bureau, which can direct you to one of the gay-friendly hotels and dozens of guest houses such as T’Groenezicht, an old Dutch mansion that now boasts a pool, a sauna and comfortable rooms with private baths.
The very reasonable 220 Rand (around $40 US) a night rate also includes a free breakfast in the morning.
Even though the dollar has tumbled in value somewhat of late, you’ll still get an excellent bang for your buck in Cape Town.
That’s good news because there are lots of things to spend your honeymoon cash on, such as gay clubs that never close, including one with a floorshow saluting ABBA.

You’ve got to love it there.
So, for a reasonably priced, exotic gay honeymoon in a beautiful beachside location, check out Cape Town South Africa.