wedding coupleWhen we think of marriage, most of us like to be romantic about it.
Marriage brings images of engagement rings and a big white triple-layer cake.
Nobody wants to talk about money management, prenuptials and other financial matters.

However, statistics show that the top reason for divorce is disagreeing about money. Don’t get carried away by the sheer romance of getting married. Discuss your financial concerns before you walk down the aisle.

Prenuptial agreements
These legally-binding contracts will save you quite a heartache in the event of a divorce.
But who is ever considering divorce at the time of marriage? It may seem unromantic, and certainly, most of the time it may be unnecessary. However, if you stand to inherit a very large sum of money, if you have a trust fund, or if you own a business, a prenuptial can help you keep what is rightfully yours.

Set a reasonable wedding budget
With the average American wedding costing over $19,000, it makes sense to look into some affordable alternatives. Keeping it small and holding the ceremony and reception in a park or other scenic public place are just two examples of ways that you can save a ton.

Be ready for tax-season
If both spouses work, by law, they both must be taxed at the same rate as that of the highest income-earning spouse. Married couples will be happy to hear, however that the marriage tax penalty is being phased out over the next few years.

Merge your money
Legally, a married couple has joint-ownership of everything.
Regardless, a husband and wife will often open a joint bank account to make household expenses easier to track.

Discussing the financial details of marriage one-step-at-a-time can help ease the both of you into a fruitful and harmonious new life together.