wedding friendship bagA very old English tradition once known as friendship balls has now taken hold in a new variety called a Bride’s Friendship Bag.  These so called Friendship balls were handed down from the mother to her daughter, or by one friend to another, on very special occasions. The friendship balls were filled with a wedding favor & were only given to someone very special.

This has come to be an excellent tradition that has been passed down through the ages. A Bride’s Friendship Bag is a nice conversion on the way a bride can show her thanks to the bridesmaids of her wedding.

Some countries have alternate ways of giving these favors. Take Bulgaria for instance, where they pass out a tiny basket filled with wheat & sweets. In England, they pass out sugared almonds wrapped in a small material pouch.  The Bride’s Friendship Bag may be used anywhere in the world, regardless of where its origin came from.

Now zoom forward to this century. Some brides still acknowledge this time honored tradition by passing out gifts ala a Bride’s Friendship Bag.  Giving them to the maid of honor, her bridesmaids and to other very special friends. The meaning now remains the same as it once did, to simply show gratefulness by thanking that special  person who participates on your wedding day.

All maids of honor & the bridesmaids will cherish receiving one of these brides friendship bags since it is not only a unique gift, but realizing it’s a nice thanks for the role they played on your special day.

Recipients of these friendship bags usually keep them as a keepsake as a reminder of being there on your wedding day. It makes a great remembrance to look back on and replay the terrific memories that the wedding meant to you and all of the people who attended.

As for the contents of this friendship bag, you may include virtually whatever you like. It may be as worldly, elegant, or creative as you like. Perhaps you choose to include cosmetics or maybe some chocolates with a beautiful card.  It helps that you personally know all the individuals who will be receiving them, so you should know what they would appreciate finding inside.

It is not a requirement to pass out a bride’s friendship bag. It is simply a creative and special touch to be able to pass out your traditional wedding favors within a unique keepsake that will truly stand out from what most brides normally do. Most brides and grooms want to be special and different than the norm, whether it is accomplished by an elegant & stylish yet different type of wedding gown or by the unusual manner in which they pass out the wedding favors to their wedding party.